TECH THE HALLS – DAY #2: Sonos One

SONOSThe smart speaker for music lovers! Sonos One is the perfect modern day smart speaker for all your music needs. You can now play all your music hands-free - now with Amazon Alexa built-in. The speaker is compact, versatile and with great sound quality and can fit anywhere in a room where space may be at [...]

Tech the Halls – Day #1: Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf Light PanelsIt listens. It thinks. It turns music into light. What is Nanoleaf and how does it work? These triangular lighting panels can be pieced together to create whatever shape you desire. Mount them on any flat surface using the included mounting tape. Customize your lighting using the App or create scenes and set [...]

Popcorn Time – Malware

Malware Attacks Continue to Evolve There are a ton of malware attacks out there, all designed to infiltrate your system and to get some sort of financial gain from releasing your data back to you. Most of us have seen or experienced some form of ransomware attack where the hacker demands a payment (usually in [...]


TECH THE HALLS 2018TECH THE HALLS 2018It's that time of the year again! Starting December 10th we will be counting down until Christmas Eve with our Christmas-Technology themed content. Drop by our website daily for new and exciting content celebrating the technology and holiday season. We will be reviewing technology products that would make the perfect Christmas gift [...]

Backupify – For Office 365

Triella can provide backup for your office 365 environment!Cloud Usage is on the Rise! As more and more businesses are relying on Microsoft Office 365, the need for a robust backup solution to keep pace with the changes in email and to keep a historical record of email ad SharePoint data is more important than ever. Backupify is that solution. Whether it be [...]

Cyber Risks When Traveling

Are you thinking of traveling during the holiday period? Do you use your mobile devices for shopping or online banking when you are traveling? Your devices and personal information may be at risk!Smart Phone Evolution Our smartphones and tablets can be thought of as minicomputers as most of them have enough processing power and functionality [...]

Who’s Watching You?

Smart Home Devices may Compromise your Privacy and Security You're concerned about security and decide to purchase a camera system for your home security. You go to a retailer and look at the popular Nest cameras and find that they are expensive. You decide to check Amazon and as you are doing so, you find [...]

Time to Prepare for Windows 7 End of Life

Triella can help you update your windows 7 systems!End of Life = Greater Risk! Every Windows product has a life cycle. It begins when a product is released and ends when it is no longer supported by Microsoft. Microsoft will discontinue all support - including paid support and all updates, including security updates. This leaves your system open to future threats of new [...]

The “Caught you Watching Porn” Email Scam

Triella can help protect your email from such scams!Email Scam on the Rise! In recent weeks there have been a number of emails going around trying to exploit people's fears by sending an email threatening to have been watching their online movement and that they have evidence that they will release to the person's contacts if the appropriate amount of Bitcoins are not [...]

Starting a New Business – Technology Essentials

Small Business Startup Service by TriellaThinking about Starting Your Own Business? You've worked with a big firm in the past, be it a law firm, private equity, accounting firm or another type of business. You are thinking of branching out and doing your thing - selling your own unique brand of service to your clients. You want to start your [...]