Updating your Google My Business details

Updating your Google My Business details Has your firm recently gone through restructuring? Or is your firm going through a change in ownership and wants to rebrand under a new name? You may be thinking of the tasks that need to be completed to facilitate this process. An important item that often gets neglected during [...]

Microsoft Office 365 – Modern Authentication

Office 365 usage is increasing Microsoft Office 365 is among the most popular options for hosting business class email in the cloud. With millions of users, however, there has recently been an increase in malicious actors compromising email accounts through phishing/spam email messages. These phishing emails often contain links that, when clicked on by an [...]

NIST Recommendations Changes to Passwords

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is an industry leader in providing recommendations on information security. The institute has been publishing password guidelines since 2017 with its latest release this year. Some of the changes mentioned are controversial but aim to be ultimately beneficial for end-users. Here are some major changes to password [...]

MSP’s are Under Attack

Managed Service Providers are a Target for Hackers, just like our clients Imagine - if you are a hacker who wants to make a lot of money; why target individual clients when you can target their support organizations instead. Triella, like many IT companies is a managed service provider. Like others, we look after the [...]

Social Engineering Attacks

A social engineering attack involves an attacker who takes advantage of social norms to gain access to an organization's data. Hackers who implement such attacks can disguise themselves as a trustworthy source to build rapport with company employees. Once the attacker has made a connection, they will try to extract confidential company information to compromise [...]

4 ways to backup your iPhone

iCloud (5GB storage free) Backing up the iPhone is as simple as using iCloud for backup.  This is one of the most convenient methods. iCloud backup can include the following: App data Apple Watch backiups Device Settings HomeKit configuration Home screen and app organization iMessage, text (SMS) and MMS messages Photos and videos on your [...]

Triella’s Security Offerings – Part 4 of 4 – The Gold Standard

The Gold Standard includes all the items listed in the Silver and Bronze Standard, plus the following: Annual Disaster Recovery Testing Once per year, we will shut down all systems and run a test of the disaster recovery system so that the firm can understand the full recoverability of the system and human resources required [...]

Triella’s Security Offerings – Part 3 – The Silver Standard

Clients with greater security concerns should operate at the Silver Standard.  The Silver standard includes all the items listed in the Bronze Standard, plus the following: What is included in the Silver Standard? There are 12 services included in the Silver Standard. Each service is described below: Computer Encryption This refers to the encryption of [...]

Triella’s Security Offerings – Part 2 – The Bronze Standard

At Triella we believe that all firms should operate with a minimum level of Bronze Standard. What services are included in the Bronze Standard? There are a total of 7 services that we have included in the Bronze Standard. These services form the base of establishing security standards at a firm. All the services are [...]

Triella’s Security Offerings – Part 1

The risks are real The threat landscape continues to evolve and with it brings more challenges for IT providers to protect their clients and data. Over the past few months we have seen IT providers get targeted by malware attacks which has crippled several of these firms. In turn all the clients that relied on [...]