Working in TriCloud – How to move files to and from your local PC and Citrix

Triella’s private cloud computing platform, called TriCloud, is based on the Citrix Virtual Desktop technology which allows you to login to a fully functional, Windows based desktop environment from any Internet connected device, and work securely with all your firm’s files and applications. Many first time users of the Citrix virtual desktop struggle with how [...]

How to Identify and Avoid Phishing Emails

Nowadays, the most common way for a hacker to gain access to your personal/business information is by using phishing emails. This form of online fraud tricks an individual to share personal or confidential information with a hacker through a corrupt email. The email may contain harmful links or malware designed to trick users into sharing [...]

Inserting Files from Worldox into Non-integrated Applications

When using Worldox with an integrated application, the system will automatically open Worldox for file selection when opening or saving a file within an integrated application.   However, there are times when the application requesting a file is not integrated with Worldox and you will receive a file prompt instead of the familiar Worldox interface.  Not [...]

Security Tips for Working from Home

With most people working from home for the duration of the pandemic, the security and privacy of your firm’s data and information is of the utmost concern.  Employees who may never have worked outside the office, are not only using firm computers, laptops and tablets, but also personal home devices. Most firms have a work [...]

Fixing Citrix Performance Problems When Working From Home

We can help your firm organize its Windows Updates!We've all been working from home for about a month now.  If you are noticing problems with performance while you are working the tips in this article may help you overcome those issues.  While you are here, take a moment to sign up for our newsletter to the right of this article... Audio/Video Streaming Most [...]

BeachHead: Interview with Charles Bennett

BeachHead builds better businesses from the inside out. In this series, we speak with people on the front lines of Canada’s thriving small business community to learn about their experiences and what it takes to successfully run a company. This conversation is with Charles Bennett, Founder and Principal Consultant at Triella. Triella is a full-service technology consulting [...]

Using VPN to access your computer from home

What is a VPN? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a private encrypted tunnel created through the internet between two points. It allows secure communication between two offices or devices.  It is one of the earliest forms of remote access and still in use today. VPNs can be combined with other remote technologies to deliver [...]

Updates to Zoom Security

Since we wrote our last article on Zoom’s security issues, Zoom has stepped up to the challenge with many enhancements to their platform.  Here is a list of enhancements for paid users of the platform: As of April 18: Ability to determine which data center regions you want your Zoom data to traverse.  Thus, you [...]

Responding to COVID-19: How Triella Serves You During the Pandemic

It goes without saying that the Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted all our lives in ways that few of us have ever known. Practically overnight, most of us in business, law, technology and other professional spheres have suddenly had to contend with strict home isolation and social distancing and the ensuing chaos of the world around [...]

How to Create your Virtual Office – Live Webinar

Has your firm recently implemented a work from home policy? Are you losing productivity due to this? Is your firm rushing to implement technologies to enable remote access? These are some challenges firms are facing during the pandemic. To ensure business remains operational during this time - a firm must have IT systems in place [...]