Any.Run – Malware Analysis Tool

What are sandbox malware systems?

Sandbox malware analysis systems are used to analyze suspicious files inside a realistic but isolated environment. This helps us to understand how malware files operate, the motivations behind the infection and to understand the goals of a breach.


Based out of Russia, Any.Run is a malware analysis tool that provides real-time interaction with the sandbox when analyzing a file. You can directly upload malicious files and interact with the program as it conducts the analysis.

Interactive Analysis

It differs from other sandbox analysis tools in the sense that it is completely interactive. Meaning – instead of uploading a file and waiting for a sandbox to generate a report, you can interact with the sandbox before the report is generated.

Simplification of Analysis

All important tools are shown on the main screen so the user can always see how the analysis is being conducted. This also helps make results available much faster. Typically results are generated immediately after the analysis is launched. A few minutes are usually enough to complete a given task.

User-Friendly Interface

The easy to use/navigate interface of Any.Run is designed for users of any level. Users can also take advantage of the large database of malicious files present on the website. Any.Run analyzes thousands of malware files daily and updates the database almost instantly so users have access to the latest information.

The free version also enables users to share the results with colleagues in a form of accessible visual reports as well as options to share on various social media platforms.


You can learn more about Any.Run by clicking here. Or visit the website.

If you have been recently hit by malware or want to increase the cyber resiliency of your firm, call us now!

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