A Conversation with a Hacker

A travel firm paid a $4.5M ransom during the last week of July. Here’s how it went down. A US based travel firm was hit with the Rangar Locker ransomware during the last week of July.  The company agreed to pay $4.5M in fees to recovery their data.   What is interesting here is a glimpse [...]


If you have been working from home over the last several months, you may have recently become familiar with a product called TeamViewer. As one of the most common tools used to connect to remote computers and to host screen-sharing meetings, TeamViewer use has exploded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s answer some questions [...]

Introducing ThreatLocker

PUT COMPLETE PROTECTION AROUND YOUR FIRM’S COMPUTERS IN ALL LOCATIONS COVID has forced virtually all firms to have their staff work from home.   As a result, and as we continue to rethink our business practices, security has become more of an issue. Triella continuously looks to improve the security position of our clients by looking [...]

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues

It can be very frustrating when your Wi-Fi network does not work as expected, especially when your business requires a fast, secure and reliable internet connection. Interruptions to Wi-Fi connection while working can hinder your work performance and make you lose precious time. During the course of this pandemic, Wi-Fi has become critical for business [...]

How to update Windows 10 using the Windows Update Assistant

Running updates on your computer can be a tedious task. Update alerts usually pop up when you are busy and can interrupt your entire work day. If updates are not completed properly it can also slow down your computer. Setting up a time when you are not using the device to run the updates is [...]

How a Webcam can help when Working from Home

A webcam is a small camera that is attached to a computer. These devices have several functions, from capturing still images to conducting a live video/webinar over conference calls. Most laptops nowadays have a webcam built in to the computer screen, but external webcams are also available for sale. Webcams include a built in microphone [...]

Prevent Cyber-attacks with Application Whitelisting

Cybercriminals are growing and using more sophisticated attacks every day. Antivirus software alone cannot protect your IT systems.  Cybersecurity experts recommend using a layered approach to security and in this article, we will discuss one of these layers of protection that can dramatically increase the security to your IT network. At Triella, we continuously review [...]

Working in TriCloud – How to move files to and from your local PC and Citrix

Triella’s private cloud computing platform, called TriCloud, is based on the Citrix Virtual Desktop technology which allows you to login to a fully functional, Windows based desktop environment from any Internet connected device, and work securely with all your firm’s files and applications. Many first time users of the Citrix virtual desktop struggle with how [...]

How to Identify and Avoid Phishing Emails

Nowadays, the most common way for a hacker to gain access to your personal/business information is by using phishing emails. This form of online fraud tricks an individual to share personal or confidential information with a hacker through a corrupt email. The email may contain harmful links or malware designed to trick users into sharing [...]

Inserting Files from Worldox into Non-integrated Applications

When using Worldox with an integrated application, the system will automatically open Worldox for file selection when opening or saving a file within an integrated application.   However, there are times when the application requesting a file is not integrated with Worldox and you will receive a file prompt instead of the familiar Worldox interface.  Not [...]