Top 5 Blogs of 2016!

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Fixes for Windows 7, Best practices for Email and Firewall Security, and Ransomware were among the most-discussed topics of 2016.
2016 was an eventful year! Among other things, a new President of the United States was elected, the United Kingdom left the European Union (EU), and new Star Wars and Harry Potter movies hit the theatres.
At Triella, we have been busy too.  We have attempted to make 2016 a great year for our clients and online viewers by providing top service, content, and information pertaining to the technology industry.
As we close out 2016, we are taking a look at the top articles written over the year by our staff that resonated the most with you.
See you in 2017!

1) Microsoft Outlook Mailbox Best Practices

To a business, email is everything.  The ability to send and receive messages, documents, and assorted information is what keeps the world running.  This article takes a look at the ins and outs of Microsoft Outlook Mailbox.  As one of the most commonly used email applications for businesses, we provide some tips and tricks on some of the best practices you can use to manage your inbox.

2) How to Fix Windows 7 Updates Never Starting or Finishing (64 bit)

Since the introduction of Windows 10 last year, there has been a substantial migration to the new operating system in 2016.  For those who chose to stick with Windows 7, problems with running updates were common.  This article outlines two tested methods that we did which saw a 90% rate of success and allows you to successfully run Windows 7 updates.

3) Firewall Port Security – How Network Access is Protected

Security is always a main part of technology.  Firewall ports allow you to protect your computer from hackers and other external threats thereby preserving the integrity of your data.  This article takes a deeper dive into what firewall ports are and how you can use them to protect your systems.

4) Skipping Class? Probably Not Thanks to This App

Every year new applications for smartphones and mobile devices are released on the market. This article takes a look at Kinvolved, an application designed for schools and the education system that tracks student attendance and alerts parents if their child has been late or truant.

5) How to Lose Money in One Easy Step!

Ransomware was a popular topic in 2016, with reported cases increasing exponentially.  This article takes a look at the latest social engineering scams (i.e. wire transfer scams) afflicting businesses and individuals, key indicators for what to look for that will inform you an email or message is fraudulent, and best practices such as two-factor authentication to prevent future attempts.
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Courtney Rosebush is a Marketing and Sales Coordinator at Triella, a technology consulting firm specializing in providing technology audits, planning advice, project management and other CIO-related services to small and medium sized firms. Courtney can be reached at 647.426.1004 x 227. For additional articles, go to Triella is a VMware Professional Partner, Microsoft Certified Partner, Citrix Solution Advisor – Silver, Dell Preferred Partner, Authorized Worldox Reseller and a Kaspersky Reseller.
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