Executive Order Puts Canadian Data Privacy at High Risk

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Triella has always been an advocate to keep our client’s data within Canadian Borders.   Here is the latest example of why this is so important.


Canadian Data Privacy is More at Risk Now Than Ever Before

U.S. President Donald Trump has signed an executive order eliminating Privacy Act protections for foreigners (which includes Canadians). What this means is Canadian data with personal or sensitive information has no legal protection in the U.S.
Each day, data from millions of Canadians (Individuals and Businesses) enters the U.S. either to a U.S. destination or just passing through the U.S. portion of the Internet. Data is also provided to the U.S. by our own government routinely sharing the personal information of Canadian’s.
One Canadian organization, Openmedia.org is filing an urgent privacy complaint with the federal Privacy Commissioner of Canada asking for an immediate review on the effect of the Executive Order on Canadians and to demand a reassessment of what information our government chooses to share with the U.S.
How can this new Executive Order affect you? Everything from Canadian’s financial status, to medical history, sexual orientation, and even religious and political beliefs is now exposed. Canadians have had their personal or professional lives ruined due to information disclosures, despite never having broken the law. Canadian’s don’t need to have done anything wrong for your most personal information to be revealed, and you will likely never know what has been shared.
Now that President Trump has taken this extraordinary step to make it clear to U.S. agencies that they don’t need to respect the privacy of non-citizens, will our own government take action to protect Canadian data?
As a Canadian business, you can do your part to protect your data by ensuring you are using a services provided out of Canadian data centres.
You can take part in helping to file a privacy complaint with the federal Privacy Commissioner of Canada to review by making a donation to the cause at the link below at your own choosing…
Source: openmedia.org 
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