Dooley Lucenti Barristers & Solicitors

“We’re so glad Triella was working with us when we got hit with a virus. They were part of our data recovery team, took control of the situation immediately, and managed it incredibly.”

Carla David, Accounting Assistant

Dooley Lucenti Barristers & Solicitors is a legal firm with extensive experience and expertise in various areas of litigation and alternative dispute resolution (commercial litigation, construction law, corporate law, creditor’s rights, employment law, family law, insurance defence and subrogation, mediation, real estate, and wills and estates).


Dooley Lucenti was looking for a different support model for their IT and infrastructure that was better suited to meet their growing needs. The growth of the firm and its needs didn’t match well with the IT provider’s operations. They needed someone who was able to identify the root of our IT problems and issues without trying to push or sell products to do it.


Technology has been instrumental in helping the firm work more efficiently; cutting down time and stopping duplication. Retrieving data at any given second is important and any loss of that data means loss of revenue. HR/Office Manager, Debbie Galbo says: “In our firm, we need our computers and systems working as efficiently as our people. We’re always looking for different ways to make work flow happen quicker and easier.”


Triella delivered exceptional value through:

  • Providing seamless, responsive advice and ongoing support to the firm.
  • Explaining the benefits and risks of recommended technology in layman’s terms so that the firm can make a business decision on the technology.
  • Relieving the stress level of the Office Manager considerably.
  • Assessing the firm’s IT platform against best practices and fixing issues raised in the assessment.
  • Providing a robust backup and recovery system which worked to alleviate a ransomware infection with no data loss.
  • Providing robust antivirus and email protection with the ability to use email even if the server is down.
  • Establishing archiving for email to significantly reduce the size of mailboxes and boost performance.
  • Reformatting the firm’s server to optimize the use of resources thereby preventing additional expense for disk space.
  • Implementing a disaster recovery plan.
  • Fixing interoffice performance problems.
  • Establishing a regular maintenance schedule for the servers and desktops.


Debbie says: “Triella and Charles Bennett came highly recommended to me by my colleagues in the legal industry. His ability to ‘dumb it down’ for me when talking about technology continues to be amazing. I understood everything he explained to me and the impact it would have on our firm’s systems.”


Debbie Galbo: “The worry of not having to always have technology issues funneled through me has taken a huge burden off my plate. I’m no longer the central point of contact on issues—Triella is!”

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