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“Implementing worldox was the single best decision we made in 2014—it significantly improved our productivity and made us more collaborative.”

Carla David, Accounting Assistant

Houser, Henry & Syron LLP is a boutique business law firm with a practice focused on corporate, wills and estates and commercial real estate. The firm is dedicated to delivering value and building enduring relationships with clients. It is a place where shared values and a passion for excellence coincides with an ability to adapt and implement efficiencies for clients.


Houser Henry is always striving for ways to become more efficient and the one last holdout was a reliance on an outdated system of manually naming and storing soft documents within various directories. The firm needed to become less paper-dependant while still being able to more efficiently organize and access documents. It was decided a document management system was essential.


The firm wanted to improve workflow, productivity, and collaboration while reducing duplication and wasted time searching for files. They also wanted to force a standard way of saving documents. Business Manager, Jan Chaffay says, “We knew that lost efficiency is not in our clients’ best interest. There was a consensus that collectively we were losing at least an hour a day searching—that’s significant.”


Triella delivered exceptional value through:

  • A solid understanding of what document management could do for the firm, including taking into account the filing practices of different team members so that everyone would have a more streamlined system that worked for them.
  • Creating an efficient process for document storage via a thorough meeting and vetting process.
  • Determining whether there was a requirement to set up ethical walls to prevent the exposure of confidential information.
  • Integrating Worldox with Emergent software to allow documents from Emergent to be profiled automatically.
  • Enabling full-text searching, profile-based searching, version control, and email management—all delivered through Worldox.
  • Delivering onsite training sessions to teach lawyers and staff how to effectively use the system.
  • Creating training manuals including tips and tricks sheet for users that could be used as a support tool post training.
  • Facilitating a pilot implementation of the program and adapting to any issues/needs that arose from the pilot.
  • Providing responsive ongoing support for all lawyers, staff, and users at the firm.


Jan had a previous positive experience working with Charles and his team and liked the fact that Triella had a successful track record of implementing document management systems. Jan is succinct: “Charles really understands the needs of a law firm and has a collaborative communication style and practical general approach. He’s also very good at working within budgets and managing expectations.”


Jan Chaffay: “The results were tremendous. Initially, there was the normal amount of resistance to change, but everyone caught on quickly and within a month had an “aha” moment where they realized the benefits and wondered: How did we manage without this?”

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