Kingsway College School

“At KCS we constantly strive to make a great school even better by examining all of our programs and supporting infrastructure. In doing so we made a decision to engage Triella to come in and do the same for our technology systems. We’re almost through implementation and the results are exactly what we need.”

Carla David, Accounting Assistant

Kingsway College School is an independent co-ed community school. Established in 1989, the school now has 43 faculties and staff providing education and support to more than 300 students in grades 1 through 8. Emphasis is placed on educating the whole child to reach his or her potential in the areas of academics, the arts, athletics, and citizenship. A first rate technology program is integrated throughout the curriculum at all grade levels and supported by over 200 laptop and desktop computers.


Technology has become an essential learning and communication tool for faculty, staff, students and parents. Over the past several years there were a series of technology disruptions of Kingsway College School’s computer infrastructure. This meant that expected communications between staff and parents were not always consistent. “The KCS community of staff, students and parents rely on dependable service in the area of technology,” says Anne-Marie Jarman, Kingsway College School’s Business Manager.


Kingsway College School made a decision to seek outside expertise to assess their situation and recommend a strategy for moving forward. Having a technology platform that works in every classroom and office and is reliable is critical, especially with a new addition to the school currently under construction.


Triella delivered exceptional value through:

  • • An in-depth technology assessment and gap analysis of the school’s current systems compared to where they needed to be.
  • A detailed report, which provided recommendations and offered unbiased choices, alternatives, strategies, and tactics for implementing the report’s recommendations.
  • A scheduled and systematic implementation of almost all of the report’s recommendations: stabilized the system, revised and audited the infrastructure (including cabling), put backups in place, replaced the Exchange server, fixed Active Directory, improved security through external antispam and internal antimalware protection, and more.
  • Assistance in the recruitment and hiring of a new IT Manager and ensuring Kingsway College School had the ability to successfully maintain their systems.
  • Transitioning the new IT Manager into his role.
  • Educating IT staff on technology best practices.


Kingsway College School’s Head of School, Derek Logan, contacted Triella’s Principal Consultant, Charles Bennett: “We met with Charles based on a recommendation from someone we trusted and they were right. Charles delivered. He brings both tech knowledge and also a respect and knack for dealing with people.”


The systems are all in place and working as they should. AnneMarie is thrilled: “From day one, Charles understood our culture and could talk to us in a language we understood. Our technology is now working the way it should, we have an IT manager just right for our needs and we’re excited about the future.”

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