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“Charles is unflappable and the centre of calm in any crisis. Taking your whole system and moving it to the cloud requires a huge leap of faith. The trust we had in Charles and his team helped us make that leap.”

Carla David, Accounting Assistant

Koch Thornton LLP is a law firm focused on top quality litigation, regulatory advice, public law advocacy, and First Nations advocacy.

The firm provides passionate and principled representation with careful attention to both the specific needs of a case and the client’s budget.


Koch Thornton was looking at options to address the end of the warranty period for their server and a simple question was put forth: Did the firm’s employees experience the same speed and access to files while working remotely as they did working out of the office? The answer was no.


The firm was moving to a new main office and opening two satellite offices. It wanted its people to have the flexibility of working just as effectively from any location as they did from the central office. Partner, Allison Thornton was succinct: “We found that logging in remotely has limitations and we needed to have the same work experience regardless of our location.” A move to a private Cloud made good business sense, both from a functional and cost savings standpoint.


Triella delivered exceptional value through:

  • Understanding the applications and services used by the firm and ensuring that those applications and services were Cloud-compatible to avoid any surprises.
  • Pre-migrating the firm’s servers to the Cloud and conducting a full test before updating the servers just prior to going live.
  • Providing advice on cost-effective Internet service for the new office.
  • Providing training on how to use the Cloud.
  • Recovering all the technology that was reusable and deploying it in the new office.
  • Setting up all of the local technology in the new office and working with vendors to resolve issues.
  • Providing prompt response and taking ownership of all issues post conversion whether they be Triellarelated or with another vendor.
  • Securely shredding the hard drives of the old server and equipment no longer used.


John and Allison had known Charles for quite a while and had brought him and his team in after the firm became increasingly frustrated by slow response times and unexplained billings from their support vendor. “After a year of working with Triella, we knew they would be responsive to our needs so that made us more comfortable making that big leap of faith to move to the Cloud,” says Allison. Added John, “The trust that Triella built up over the year with us was instrumental in our decision.”


Says Allison Thornton: “The move to the Cloud was a success and resulted in reduced expenses and improved network performance. If something goes wrong we know Triella cares as much as we do about finding a solution. Charles brings a good team to the table and we get consistent support.”

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