MacIntosh, MacDonnell & MacDonald

Triella was able to replace our server, bring our software up-to-date and maintain operations with very little downtime. We’re confident with the new system they have put in place.”

Carla David, Accounting Assistant

MacIntosh, MacDonnell & MacDonald is a full-service law firm in North Eastern Nova Scotia focused on providing services to clients in corporate commercial, family, labour and employment, litigation, real estate, tax, and wills, estates and trust. The firm enjoys an impeccable reputation and all three founding members have been elevated to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.


The firm’s in-house server crashed which created an immediate crisis. IT Administrator, Wendy Arbuckle, says: “Our reliance on technology is paramount to our operations and we cannot be down for any length of time. Time is money in this business. Without a functioning server, we cannot operate; we had to act fast.” Delays cost time, money and credibility.


Technology and access to information from anywhere and at any time is intertwined with how legal professionals do their jobs and communicate with their clients. And just as it allows firms to become more competitive and efficient, it also involves specific challenges to ensuring the systems work seamlessly. A functioning server is one of those systems.


Triella delivered exceptional value through:

  • Implementing the disaster recovery plan remotely when the server crashed.
  • Recommending, ordering and deploying new server technology (including security, backup, reliability, and performance).
  • Providing strategic advice.
  • Replacing out of warranty switches.
  • Cleaning up server room wiring and removing old equipment.
  • Installing a new power management system.
  • Installing a new virtual environment and converting the entire system seamlessly to the new platform with minimal downtime.
  • Providing seamless, responsive advice and ongoing support to the firm.


The firm knew it needed to replace its server and the crash moved that timeline ahead. Triella had previously provided the firm with a quote and due to the time constraints, a quick decision was made to have them do the work. Office Manager, Mary Jane McDonald: “There was no time to search for alternatives and we knew Treilla understood our industry and our business.”


The system is performing well and Triella continues to provide service and maintenance support to the firm. Wendy acknowledges: “Triella’s knowledgeable team were instrumental in the success of the install, especially with the onsite installation – very professional and organized approach. The help desk was also able to address our concerns with minimal delay.”

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