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“Triella listened to what we wanted a document management system to do for our firm and came up with a plan to ensure our requirements were met. I like the portability factor—we all have laptops and citrix and as long as a document has been scanned into our system, we can access it anywhere.”

Carla David, Accounting Assistant

Moodie Mair Walker LLP is a Toronto law firm that specializes in complex insurance litigation. The firm is a boutique, consisting of four partners and four associate lawyers assisted by a team of dedicated law clerks and legal assistants. Originally a spin-off from a 200 lawyer Bay Street law firm, MMW has the expertise to handle the most challenging cases and the dedication required to help clients achieve the most favorable results in their cases.


MMW understands the value of developing solid relationships so when one of their major clients implemented a “paperless office” initiative, they took note. They had also been noticing more and more clients and competitors starting to move towards electronic documents rather than paper. The partners felt that the time was right to focus on sourcing and installing a document management system.


The firm hoped to simplify the lives of their people and ensure everyone had access to documents, including their daily mail, from their laptops— regardless of where they were. They also wanted less duplication and a system that would allow their lawyers to spend more time doing billable work rather than looking for documents. Partner, Ian Mair, “Wanted the ability to create an online system that was similar to how the firm traditionally worked with paper.” The firm was ready to find the right provider.


Triella delivered exceptional value through:

  • A solid understanding of what the system would do for the firm, including taking the place of the firm’s filing system.
  • A plan for ensuring the system could meet the needs of the firm.
  • Installing Worldox and customizing profiles for client work, confidential partnership information and categories—the taxonomy for coding documents.
  • Setting up inbox and mail functions and a process for scanning incoming Canada Post mail into the system.
  • Setting up an easy-to-use “Incoming Mail” button that allows a lawyer to instantly see all of their incoming mail.
  • Enabling full-text searching, profile-based searching, version control, and email management all delivered through Worldox.
  • Creating training manuals and quick reference guides for users on how to access the new systems.
  • Delivering two training sessions at Triella’s off-site training facility.
  • Facilitating a pilot implementation of the program and adapting to any issues/needs that arose from the pilot.
  • Providing responsive ongoing support for all lawyers, staff, and users at the firm.


MMW’s Senior Litigation Law Clerk, Jennifer Simpson had known of Charles Bennett for years: “I’ve read his articles and his blog and heard him speak at conferences. I knew he was up-to-speed on Worldox and is seen as the local expert for legal firms.” Triella was able to demonstrate the value a document management system could bring to the firm and they were contracted to install and implement the Worldox system.


Jennifer Simpson: “The feedback has been positive. People who know computers are happy with it while older users are getting more comfortable with the system. Triella is very responsive if we have questions and issues—everything is resolved within two hours.”

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