Staffworks Ltd.

“Ramping up our technology was both time consuming and costly, but I would do it all over again in a flash. Our staffworks approach is: act fast, act with integrity and let strong results speak for themselves. The same can be said for triella.”

Carla David, Accounting Assistant

Staffworks Ltd. is a team of responsive professionals delivering consistent, high-quality staffing solutions.

With a range of services including online testing, candidate referencing, payroll, temporary staffing and permanent and contract recruitment, their vision is to be a provider of choice for outsourced Human Resource Services.


High-quality staffing solutions, strong leadership and a talented team have grown Staffworks into a full-service provider with expertise in all Office Services, Call Centre Staffing, Banking and Financial Services Staffing and Information Technology. Staffworks’ leadership understands the importance of continually preparing the business for success. So they asked themselves: Is our current technology ready to meet the challenges of a growing business, enable our internal professionals to become more productive, and keep us competitive? The answer was no.


Staffworks felt it necessary to get external expertise to assess their situation and recommend strategies, tactics and products for moving forward. Technology was seen as critical to their business in attracting and maintaining key talent, increasing productivity (including working off-site) and allowing the company to successfully compete with multi-nationals. Staffworks President, Sandra Sears, was also concerned about security: “If we get attacked by a virus it means our system will be down. Being down is not an option in our business since we measure productivity by the day, not the month.”


Triella delivered exceptional value through:

  • An in-depth technology assessment and gap analysis of the firm’s current systems.
  • A detailed report which provided recommendations and offered unbiased choices and alternatives, and strategies and tactics for implementing the report’s recommendations.
  • Installing a new server which included a seamless cutover from the old system to the new with zero downtime and restructuring the firm’s information for a better organization.
  • Improved security and reliability through offsite backup, an enhanced firewall and bulletproof virus, spyware and spam protection.
  • Improved reliability of the overall system through less downtime.
  • Providing ongoing support as the firm grows.


Sandra Sears met with Triella’s Principal Consultant, Charles Bennett: “I know how important it is to surround myself with people who can take my knowledge to the level it needs. If I was going to make an investment, the security needed to be better and the level of technology needed to be higher. I trusted Charles to deliver on those needs.”


As implementation continues, Triella’s technology roadmap has increased the uptime of Staffworks’ systems and enabled the team of professionals to work offsite reliably. Sandra Sears is ecstatic: “Not only am I confident in our technology, my staff and I can work offsite reliably and securely, and I sleep well at night—there’s a lot to be said for that.”

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