The Public Accountants Council for the Province of Ontario

“Triella responded as promised and delivered a report that helped us make some critical decisions for improving the security and efficiency of our systems.”

Carla David, Accounting Assistant

The Public Accountants Council for the Province of Ontario (the Council) was continued under 2004’s Public Accounting Act and is dedicated to ensuring that public accounting in Ontario is practiced in accordance with internationally respected accounting standards that reflect the public interest in the delivery of superior quality public accounting services.


Technology is a large part of what helps the Council oversee the regulation of public accounting in the public interest. This means that internal computer systems must be efficient, have little downtime and have appropriate security features. As well, the Council’s reputation is founded on public trust and any security issues would be seen as a negative.


The audit committee for the Council wanted assurances that the appropriate security software, policies and practices were in place to meet the needs of its internal computer systems. The Council agreed to get outside expertise to assess their security and recommend tactics for moving forward. This step was welcomed on many levels, especially since a security review had not been done on the latest system installations.


Triella delivered exceptional value through:

  • An in-depth technology assessment and gap analysis of the Council’s current security systems compared to where they needed to be.
  • A detailed report, which provided 26 recommendations and offered unbiased choices, alternatives, strategies, and tactics for implementing the report’s recommendations.
  • Increasing the security of the Council’s wired and wireless network.
  • A robust structure for documenting the network.
  • An Internet and Computer use policy.
  • Working supportively with the Council’s outsourced support team to effect the changes to the firm’s server.


The Council’s Chief Executive Officer, Keith Bowman, was referred to Triella’s Principal Consultant, Charles Bennett: “We were fortunate to be introduced to Triella by our auditors and we made the decision to sole-source their services. Not only did they have the appropriate expertise and experience to meet our technology needs, but their quoted price was fair.”


The Council has improved their security. Keith is happy: “Essentially all of Triella’s recommendations were pragmatic and reasonable and will be acted on within our current budgets. We were able to take the report to our regular IT service provider for implementation. On a personal note, I was quite pleased that the report gave our systems a rating of 8 out of 10 for overall management. ”

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