Troubleshooting Citrix Login Issues

The Citrix Workspace App allows you to connect anywhere, anytime to your Firms network. But not when you are having issues with logging in! In frustration you restart the computer multiple times to get the same result. YES I HAVE RESTARTED!  Now what?? While restarting your computer can help sometimes, the Citrix Desktop comes from [...]

Introducing Datto Workplace

what is it? Datto workplace is an enterprise-level file-sharing application. It is secure and easy to use application that can be quickly accessed from any platform or device. This product has several features that are beneficial for businesses such as document authentication, version control for files, accessibility customizations, auditing, and high security with robust encryption. [...]

How to Setup Safe Senders in Mimecast

Mimecast is Triella's choice for spam management.   It is used heavily in legal environments and goals well beyond spam management by allowing emails to be archived virtually indefinitely,  allowing end users to sent mail messages much larger then the limit of their email system and allowing this all inside the Outlook interface. While Mimecast provides [...]


If you have been working from home over the last several months, you may have recently become familiar with a product called TeamViewer. As one of the most common tools used to connect to remote computers and to host screen-sharing meetings, TeamViewer use has exploded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s answer some questions [...]

Introducing ThreatLocker

PUT COMPLETE PROTECTION AROUND YOUR FIRM’S COMPUTERS IN ALL LOCATIONS COVID has forced virtually all firms to have their staff work from home.   As a result, and as we continue to rethink our business practices, security has become more of an issue. Triella continuously looks to improve the security position of our clients by looking [...]

Working in TriCloud – How to move files to and from your local PC and Citrix

Triella’s private cloud computing platform, called TriCloud, is based on the Citrix Virtual Desktop technology which allows you to login to a fully functional, Windows based desktop environment from any Internet connected device, and work securely with all your firm’s files and applications. Many first time users of the Citrix virtual desktop struggle with how [...]

Zoom Conferencing – is it safe?

The risk is real There was a lot of buzz yesterday about Zoom security.   Admittedly the company does not do as much as it could to secure its platform favouring ease of use over security.   However, consider how the product is used by you and the real security risk.  Zoom offers a lot of security [...]

Firm Enters the Pandemic Without Missing a Beat

How smart decision making paid off during this pandemicThe Firm O'Sullivan Estate Lawyers is a boutique trusts and estates firm that has operated in Toronto for over 20 years. They are a top ranked and peer recognized firm who provide discreet, sophisticated trust and estate solutions to high net-worth clients. The Decision In mid-2019 the [...]

Monitoring the Dark Web – A New Service!

Dark Web Monitoring should be part of your security portfolio You are likely accustomed to the internet as you use it for business, shopping, browsing, research and lots of other activities.  Yet there is a lot of other data that is transferred on the Internet such as transactional information, email and a variety of other [...]

Are you Recession Proofing your Firm?

Invest in technology solutions now that will help your firm be more productive in the future There are a lot of fears about a recession in 2020. But it has not happened yet. Most firms have done really well in 2019 and this is the time to invest some of those earnings into security and [...]