Public Cloud Vs. Private Cloud

Cloud computing is getting increasingly popular with many businesses now moving their IT functions to the Cloud. All cloud systems are not created equal however, and so the benefits and downsides of choosing different cloud systems in the market. This blogs aims to describe the different systems out in the market so you have an [...]

MSP’s are Under Attack

Managed Service Providers are a Target for Hackers, just like our clients Imagine - if you are a hacker who wants to make a lot of money; why target individual clients when you can target their support organizations instead. Triella, like many IT companies is a managed service provider. Like others, we look after the [...]

5G – Health and Safety Concerns

5G - introduction 5G promises internet speeds of up to 10Gb/s, meaning this would allow users to download a full HD movie in a matter of a few seconds. This is significantly faster than the existing 4G technology. 5G offers much more than just higher speeds though. The upgrade from 3G to 4G LTE was [...]

Any.Run – Malware Analysis Tool

What are sandbox malware systems? Sandbox malware analysis systems are used to analyze suspicious files inside a realistic but isolated environment. This helps us to understand how malware files operate, the motivations behind the infection and to understand the goals of a breach. Any.Run Based out of Russia, Any.Run is a malware analysis tool that [...]

Starting a New Business – Technology Essentials

Small Business Startup Service by TriellaThinking about Starting Your Own Business? You've worked with a big firm in the past, be it a law firm, private equity, accounting firm or another type of business. You are thinking of branching out and doing your thing - selling your own unique brand of service to your clients. You want to start your [...]

3 Tools to Facilitate Remote Work

Triella Services

3 Tools to Facilitate Remote Work Remote work is a part of every business. There are several benefits to working remotely both for the remote worker and the business: Cost savings on transportation. Flexibility to work in a persons preferred environment. Reduction in the time spent in traffic. Reduction in the real estate required for […]

Cloud Communications Solutions for Business

This article explains how previous hardware based business communications solutions such as PBX, and Faxing have become more and more Cloud software based over the last number of years, reducing the costs and increasing the features available to small businesses and allowing them to operate more like larger corporations.

Enable your Employees to Work from Home!

There is a trend towards allowing employees to work from home.   In order to have them work from home (or outside of the office) effectively, you need the right technology.  What technologies are there?   What are the pros and cons of each?  Which technology is best for me? Click on the link below […]

The Cloud Can Store Anything – Including DNA!

Saving DNA data to the Cloud? Businesses like Google and Amazon badly want your business.     In recent years, Cloud computing has become a growing method among business owners to save and work on documents in a secure environment. While any kind of file, image, or document type can be saved to the Cloud, […]