Features of OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud based storage and productivity platform where you can save your documents, pictures, videos or anything you want to be able to access remotely. You can access your files saved into OneDrive from any device i.e. computer, tablet, cell phone etc. All you need to do is sign in to your OneDrive [...]

Inserting Files from Worldox into Non-integrated Applications

When using Worldox with an integrated application, the system will automatically open Worldox for file selection when opening or saving a file within an integrated application.   However, there are times when the application requesting a file is not integrated with Worldox and you will receive a file prompt instead of the familiar Worldox interface.  Not [...]

Are you Recession Proofing your Firm?

Invest in technology solutions now that will help your firm be more productive in the future There are a lot of fears about a recession in 2020. But it has not happened yet. Most firms have done really well in 2019 and this is the time to invest some of those earnings into security and [...]

Worldox adding more value for existing clients

What is Worldox? Worldox is a document management system that helps groups of people file documents in a consistent way and also helps with the day to day storage and retrieval of electronic documents. From voice mail messages, to Word documents to CAD documents - all the content associated with a file can be stored [...]

Find Documents Easily using the Worldox Document Management System

There is more than one way to search in worldoxHow to search for documents in Worldox One of the things we often hear for those considering a document management system is their inability to effectively find the latest document within the system. With many people working on the same document, some remotely, some at late [...]

Now Available – Worldox GX4 with Major Upgrades!

Call Triella to find out more about new Worldox upgradesWorldox GX4 - Update 14 Worldox GX4, one of the industry's leading Document Management Software, has just released a major update that will deliver exciting new features to enhance the experience of customers already using the product at no additional cost. WDU14 is the upcoming update to GX4, and it is promising major enhancements to [...]


How to search for and extract information from Worldox Worldox is not a traditional database program but it does have some database capability. You can search for information and then move that information into Excel for further processing. For example, if you are in Estates and have a date that a Will should be reviewed in the Worldox profile then you can run [...]

5 Strategies For Your Firm To Go Paperless!

5 Steps to going paperless

5 Steps to Going Paperless! What is the paperless office all about and what do you need? Going paperless has a lot of benefits to a firm.   It reduces the cost of off site storage, makes documents searchable electronically, allows lawyers to take work with them without back breaking briefs and allows documents to be […]

Why your firm NEEDS a Document Management System

document management

Worldox can Improve Document Accessibility What is Document Management System (DMS) and why is it valuable to small and medium sized businesses? Many small and medium sized businesses that do not use a document management system can and will experience issues with document retrieval and reuse. A recent estimate showed that 15% of all documents […]

Securely Transfer Files to and from Clients

A client has files to send to you or you to a client but the files are too big or too confidential to send through email.   What do you do?  Some options are to: Place them on an encrypted USB drive and sent them to the client Burn and DVD or CD and courier it […]