Boost your Wi-Fi across your whole home!

I was having issues with performance on Citrix and within Zoom.  Sometimes things would be slow, Zooms would freeze up or the audio would drop off.   In Citrix, sometimes things would freeze up for a few seconds.  I checked with others and they were not experiencing the same problem.   Even though browsing on the Internet [...]

Features of OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud based storage and productivity platform where you can save your documents, pictures, videos or anything you want to be able to access remotely. You can access your files saved into OneDrive from any device i.e. computer, tablet, cell phone etc. All you need to do is sign in to your OneDrive [...]

How to Setup Safe Senders in Mimecast

Mimecast is Triella's choice for spam management.   It is used heavily in legal environments and goals well beyond spam management by allowing emails to be archived virtually indefinitely,  allowing end users to sent mail messages much larger then the limit of their email system and allowing this all inside the Outlook interface. While Mimecast provides [...]

How to Check your Password Expiry Date

Changing your password before it expires will ensure you do not get locked out! Have you ever attempted to log in and found that the system would not accept your password?  If so you can prevent that from happening by checking your password expiry date yourself!  Here is how! 1. Press the Start button and [...]


If you have been working from home over the last several months, you may have recently become familiar with a product called TeamViewer. As one of the most common tools used to connect to remote computers and to host screen-sharing meetings, TeamViewer use has exploded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s answer some questions [...]

How to update Windows 10 using the Windows Update Assistant

Running updates on your computer can be a tedious task. Update alerts usually pop up when you are busy and can interrupt your entire work day. If updates are not completed properly it can also slow down your computer. Setting up a time when you are not using the device to run the updates is [...]

How a Webcam can help when Working from Home

A webcam is a small camera that is attached to a computer. These devices have several functions, from capturing still images to conducting a live video/webinar over conference calls. Most laptops nowadays have a webcam built in to the computer screen, but external webcams are also available for sale. Webcams include a built in microphone [...]

Working in TriCloud – How to move files to and from your local PC and Citrix

Triella’s private cloud computing platform, called TriCloud, is based on the Citrix Virtual Desktop technology which allows you to login to a fully functional, Windows based desktop environment from any Internet connected device, and work securely with all your firm’s files and applications. Many first time users of the Citrix virtual desktop struggle with how [...]

Fixing Citrix Performance Problems When Working From Home

We can help your firm organize its Windows Updates!We've all been working from home for about a month now.  If you are noticing problems with performance while you are working the tips in this article may help you overcome those issues.  While you are here, take a moment to sign up for our newsletter to the right of this article... Audio/Video Streaming Most [...]

BeachHead: Interview with Charles Bennett

BeachHead builds better businesses from the inside out. In this series, we speak with people on the front lines of Canada’s thriving small business community to learn about their experiences and what it takes to successfully run a company. This conversation is with Charles Bennett, Founder and Principal Consultant at Triella. Triella is a full-service technology consulting [...]