Using VPN to access your computer from home

What is a VPN? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a private encrypted tunnel created through the internet between two points. It allows secure communication between two offices or devices.  It is one of the earliest forms of remote access and still in use today. VPNs can be combined with other remote technologies to deliver [...]

Responding to COVID-19: How Triella Serves You During the Pandemic

It goes without saying that the Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted all our lives in ways that few of us have ever known. Practically overnight, most of us in business, law, technology and other professional spheres have suddenly had to contend with strict home isolation and social distancing and the ensuing chaos of the world around [...]

How to Create your Virtual Office – Live Webinar

Has your firm recently implemented a work from home policy? Are you losing productivity due to this? Is your firm rushing to implement technologies to enable remote access? These are some challenges firms are facing during the pandemic. To ensure business remains operational during this time - a firm must have IT systems in place [...]

Zoom Conferencing – is it safe?

The risk is real There was a lot of buzz yesterday about Zoom security.   Admittedly the company does not do as much as it could to secure its platform favouring ease of use over security.   However, consider how the product is used by you and the real security risk.  Zoom offers a lot of security [...]

Cyber Security Training

Being vigilant about cyber security helps to protect core business operations regardless of the size of your organization. Employees and staff are a critical part of  any protection as they are on the "front lines".  In order to protect themselves and the firm from attacks, knowledge helps. With everyone working remotely due to COVID 19, [...]

Public Cloud Vs. Private Cloud

Cloud computing is getting increasingly popular with many businesses now moving their IT functions to the Cloud. All cloud systems are not created equal however, and so the benefits and downsides of choosing different cloud systems in the market. This blogs aims to describe the different systems out in the market so you have an [...]

Where are the Legal Trends in 2020?

AI is changing the way we operate

Many of our clients are law firms.   I ran across this interesting article on the provision of legal services that is a thought provoking read: Read the article Charles Bennett is the Principal Consultant at Triella.  We are a technology consulting company specializing in providing technology audits, planning advice, project management and other CIO-related services […]

Facial Recognition

Rise of Facial Recognition Sofware Facial Recognition has gained popularity in recent years. You might have noticed that most photo applications automatically tag a name to a photo as soon as you upload it to their platform - this is due to facial recognition software. Now it is being introduced for consumer security in smartphones, [...]

Updating your Google My Business details

Updating your Google My Business details Has your firm recently gone through restructuring? Or is your firm going through a change in ownership and wants to rebrand under a new name? You may be thinking of the tasks that need to be completed to facilitate this process. An important item that often gets neglected during [...]

4 ways to backup your iPhone

iCloud (5GB storage free) Backing up the iPhone is as simple as using iCloud for backup.  This is one of the most convenient methods. iCloud backup can include the following: App data Apple Watch backiups Device Settings HomeKit configuration Home screen and app organization iMessage, text (SMS) and MMS messages Photos and videos on your [...]