Protecting Client Data During Border Crossings

Increasing the amount of information and inspection at border crossings is becoming more and more onerous. In particular, lawyers may be asked to provide access to their cell phones and laptop computers for "inspection" by border officers. What can lawyers do to protect the information of their clients? Here are a few suggestions: Smartphones Everyone [...]

5G – Health and Safety Concerns

5G - introduction 5G promises internet speeds of up to 10Gb/s, meaning this would allow users to download a full HD movie in a matter of a few seconds. This is significantly faster than the existing 4G technology. 5G offers much more than just higher speeds though. The upgrade from 3G to 4G LTE was [...]

5G – Fifth Generation of Wireless Communication

5G - The potential Whether you follow the latest development in the world of tech or not, you have probably already heard about "5G". It has been covered extensively in the media as both a monumental next step in wireless technology - the key to ushering in the next global industrial revolution - as well [...]

Windows Server 2008 Going End of Life!!

Is your firm using Windows 2008 or 2008 R2 server? January 14, 2020 is fast approaching. After this date, Microsoft will no longer offer extended support for Windows server 2008 and 2008 R2 - including security updates and patches. Existing environments that are still using these servers beyond the EOL date will have to migrate [...]

Triella nominated for the 2019-20 Canadian Lawyer Readers’ Choice Awards!

I am pleased to inform you that Triella has been nominated for the 2019-2020 Canadian Lawyer Readers’ Choice Awards under the following categories: Cyber Security Consultants Managed Security Services Information gathered from the rewards program helps us understand how our team performs and gives us valuable insights to understanding our clients’ needs. It also provides [...]

How to Secure Your USB Drive

Why secure a USB drive? Encrypting a portable USB flash drive is a great way to prevent sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. This guide will demonstrate how to securely encrypt a USB flash drive within Windows so that the data stored on it cannot be read nor accessed without entering a secure password. [...]

Any.Run – Malware Analysis Tool

What are sandbox malware systems? Sandbox malware analysis systems are used to analyze suspicious files inside a realistic but isolated environment. This helps us to understand how malware files operate, the motivations behind the infection and to understand the goals of a breach. Any.Run Based out of Russia, Any.Run is a malware analysis tool that [...]

Camp Ooch – Imagine the Magic, Gala 2018

Giving Back Triella strongly believes in giving back to communities that support and empower us. Over our 15 years of operation we have donated to many charities in need. Triella was a Jays Sponsor for Camp Ooch at the 'Imagine the Magic' - Gala 2018 event. The Magic of Camp Ooch Camp Oochigeas (Ooch) is [...]

Windows 7 – End of Life – January 2020

Microsoft is discontinuing extended support for Windows 7 Microsoft has announced that it will deem Windows 7 ''end of life'' in January 2020, meaning that they will discontinue all support including paid support and all security updates.  Thus, after January 2020, if you continue to use Windows 7 your computer could be the target of [...]

Why you need a Managed Service Provider

Business Needs are Changing As a growing small business, the IT needs that you had when you were 3-5 people are not the same as the IT needs when you grow to 20 or 50 people. The more people you have the more structure is required around your IT. Some hire their own IT person [...]