Celebrating 15 Years of Providing Technology Peace of Mind!

Celebrating 15 years in business!

Triella Celebrates 15 Years!  New Triella Web Site and Services Launched! Thank you to the people who helped us get here – from our oldest client, Camp Oochigeas, with whom we started in 2004: from 6 people and now over 60 users – to our newest client, O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers. Triella has continuously perfected its […]

4 Key Advantages of IT Managed Services for Your Small Business

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Managed Services for your Firm No matter how big or small your business is, there is a need to have a dedicated IT department for the firm. Every firm nowadays has some component of their business that relies on technology – whether it may be for accounting, marketing or day-to-day operations, there is a need […]

Sata Hard Drives vs. Solid State Drives: Which is best for you?

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This article explains the main differences between Solid State Drives and SATA Hard Drives. It will also help you make a better decision when deciding which hard drive is a better fit for your business or personal needs. Introduction: Solid State Drives have been around for many years now. There are several differences between traditional […]

What is Cyber-Resilience and how your Firm can get there?

Cyber-resilience is needed now more than ever.  The process of global digitization is introducing a whole range of new risks and cyber threats. With advancements in software and hardware technologies, hackers have also made innovations to their infection tools such as viruses and malware. Typical security protocols such as antivirus and firewalls may not be […]

Google Duplex: Artificial Intelligence Enabled Voice Automation

Artificial Intelligence is starting to take form in society and some of the leading companies are those that store much of your data.  Here is an example of a voice call between Google’s Duplex application and some real people.   It is noteworthy to see how far this technology has come. What do you think about […]

Royal Bank will Require Secure Communications

The RBC issued the following notice this past week: To ensure that RBC is aligned with industry standards and maintains the security of our client and vendor information, we have implemented the TLS v1.2 protocol. Effective June 2018, TLS v1.0 and v1.1 will no longer be RBC-compliant. Any organization that has not upgraded to TLS […]