Triella’s Security Offerings – Part 2 – The Bronze Standard

At Triella we believe that all firms should operate with a minimum level of Bronze Standard. What services are included in the Bronze Standard? There are a total of 7 services that we have included in the Bronze Standard. These services form the base of establishing security standards at a firm. All the services are [...]

Popcorn Time – Malware

Malware Attacks Continue to Evolve There are a ton of malware attacks out there, all designed to infiltrate your system and to get some sort of financial gain from releasing your data back to you. Most of us have seen or experienced some form of ransomware attack where the hacker demands a payment (usually in [...]

Web Monitoring can Boost Firm Productivity and Security!

Triella Services

Web Monitoring can Boost Productivity Socializing has been a part of business as long as businesses have been around.  Before there was a computer at every workstation people would socialize over the phone or around the water cooler. Electronic devices and the internet have made it easier for people to socialize (or anti-socialize) during company […]

Citrix ShareFile and Security

Businesses today are facing the challenges to securing data which is critical to every enterprise.  In another words, how companies securely manage document workflows and the sharing of data, including confidential intellectual property, and across globally-dispersed teams, becomes more and more critical.

Benefits of Microsoft’s Resilient File System

Resilient File System (ReFS) is a Microsoft proprietary file system introduced with Windows Server 2012 with the intent of becoming the “next generation” file system after New Technology File System (NTFS).  

WannaCry: What You Need to Know

The WannaCry ransomware virus, a previously unknown malware software, has made a massive impact on the technology community worldwide. In fact, the virus has infected systems in about 120 countries worldwide.