ThreatLocker Helps to Prevent Malware and Ransomware Attacks

ThreatLocker is used by Triella with all of its clients to ensure that only applications that are approved can be run on a given computer.   Should a person try to install an application on the computer, ThreatLocker will prevent this from happening and prompt the user to request permission for that application to be installed. [...]

How ThreatLocker is Different from Anti-Virus

Threatlocker is not another anti-virus software, and it is also not a replacement for anti-virus software. How antivirus software works: Traditional anti-virus software works by fundamentally creating a bad list of software hashes and adding them to a blocklist. When an application opens, it checks against the blocklist and blocks it if listed in the [...]

Demystifying Spam Filtering – (Why did that email get blocked?)

Everyone who does business over email has to contend with the problem of sorting the good emails from the bad. Among the many, many legitimate emails we all get each day, there are always those we don’t want to see, be they annoyances like spam advertisements, or serious security threats in the form of ransomware, [...]

Introducing Datto Workplace

what is it? Datto workplace is an enterprise-level file-sharing application. It is secure and easy to use application that can be quickly accessed from any platform or device. This product has several features that are beneficial for businesses such as document authentication, version control for files, accessibility customizations, auditing, and high security with robust encryption. [...]

Is TikTok safe to use?

What is TikTok? Tik Tok is one of the largest social medial platforms used to create, share, and access an enormous amount of short videos. Creating short videos and sharing them with others instantly are the main reasons for this success and popularity of TikTok. It is particularly popular with the younger generation as it [...]

SentinelOne Protects Against Two High Profile Cyber Attacks

The global cyber security landscape today is fraught with risks. New and dangerous forms of malware, highly coordinated ransom attacks, and state-sponsored cyber-attacks against infrastructure and industry are all on the rise. The tools and practices of the past are no longer adequate to keep pace with the threats we face today, let alone the [...]

Qualcomm DSP Vulnerability: 40% of Android phones may be Vulnerable to Attack

Back in August of 2020, security researches at Checkpoint software, a leading security provider, released the results of their investigation into a hardware vulnerability that could impact as many as 40% of Android smartphones on the market, with some startling results. The research focused on a chip called the Digital Processing Unit, a key component [...]

Protecting Firms from Data Exfiltration

Data Exfiltration Seems like a cool term but it is bad news for your business if it happens to you.  Data exfiltration means that information (documents, folders, email) from your firm is extracted to the Internet without your knowledge and then hackers demand a ransom in order for them not to release that information to [...]

How to Setup Safe Senders in Mimecast

Mimecast is Triella's choice for spam management.   It is used heavily in legal environments and goals well beyond spam management by allowing emails to be archived virtually indefinitely,  allowing end users to sent mail messages much larger then the limit of their email system and allowing this all inside the Outlook interface. While Mimecast provides [...]

Security Awareness Training – Stay Safe!

In order to provide the best level of cyber security to our clients, we need to ensure that all elements of the technology framework – people, process, technology – are secure. At Triella, our clients rely on us to secure their IT systems by providing technology platforms that are built with multiple layers of security. [...]