How to Check your Password Expiry Date

Changing your password before it expires will ensure you do not get locked out! Have you ever attempted to log in and found that the system would not accept your password?  If so you can prevent that from happening by checking your password expiry date yourself!  Here is how! 1. Press the Start button and [...]

A Conversation with a Hacker

A travel firm paid a $4.5M ransom during the last week of July. Here’s how it went down. A US based travel firm was hit with the Rangar Locker ransomware during the last week of July.  The company agreed to pay $4.5M in fees to recovery their data.   What is interesting here is a glimpse [...]

Introducing ThreatLocker

PUT COMPLETE PROTECTION AROUND YOUR FIRM’S COMPUTERS IN ALL LOCATIONS COVID has forced virtually all firms to have their staff work from home.   As a result, and as we continue to rethink our business practices, security has become more of an issue. Triella continuously looks to improve the security position of our clients by looking [...]

How to update Windows 10 using the Windows Update Assistant

Running updates on your computer can be a tedious task. Update alerts usually pop up when you are busy and can interrupt your entire work day. If updates are not completed properly it can also slow down your computer. Setting up a time when you are not using the device to run the updates is [...]

Prevent Cyber-attacks with Application Whitelisting

Cybercriminals are growing and using more sophisticated attacks every day. Antivirus software alone cannot protect your IT systems.  Cybersecurity experts recommend using a layered approach to security and in this article, we will discuss one of these layers of protection that can dramatically increase the security to your IT network. At Triella, we continuously review [...]

How to Identify and Avoid Phishing Emails

Nowadays, the most common way for a hacker to gain access to your personal/business information is by using phishing emails. This form of online fraud tricks an individual to share personal or confidential information with a hacker through a corrupt email. The email may contain harmful links or malware designed to trick users into sharing [...]

Security Tips for Working from Home

With most people working from home for the duration of the pandemic, the security and privacy of your firm’s data and information is of the utmost concern.  Employees who may never have worked outside the office, are not only using firm computers, laptops and tablets, but also personal home devices. Most firms have a work [...]

Using VPN to access your computer from home

What is a VPN? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a private encrypted tunnel created through the internet between two points. It allows secure communication between two offices or devices.  It is one of the earliest forms of remote access and still in use today. VPNs can be combined with other remote technologies to deliver [...]

Updates to Zoom Security

Since we wrote our last article on Zoom’s security issues, Zoom has stepped up to the challenge with many enhancements to their platform.  Here is a list of enhancements for paid users of the platform: As of April 18: Ability to determine which data center regions you want your Zoom data to traverse.  Thus, you [...]

Firm Enters the Pandemic Without Missing a Beat

How smart decision making paid off during this pandemicThe Firm O'Sullivan Estate Lawyers is a boutique trusts and estates firm that has operated in Toronto for over 20 years. They are a top ranked and peer recognized firm who provide discreet, sophisticated trust and estate solutions to high net-worth clients. The Decision In mid-2019 the [...]