Cyber Security Training

Being vigilant about cyber security helps to protect core business operations regardless of the size of your organization. Employees and staff are a critical part of  any protection as they are on the "front lines".  In order to protect themselves and the firm from attacks, knowledge helps. With everyone working remotely due to COVID 19, [...]

Monitoring the Dark Web – A New Service!

Dark Web Monitoring should be part of your security portfolio You are likely accustomed to the internet as you use it for business, shopping, browsing, research and lots of other activities.  Yet there is a lot of other data that is transferred on the Internet such as transactional information, email and a variety of other [...]

Duo 2019 State of Auth Report – 2FA Usage & Insights

Duo 2019 State of Auth Report is now out and it contains some useful information about the evolution of Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and what the best practices are of using 2FA. The report has insights on how 2FA is being used by people all over Europe and North America and how 2FA can be [...]

Public Cloud Vs. Private Cloud

Cloud computing is getting increasingly popular with many businesses now moving their IT functions to the Cloud. All cloud systems are not created equal however, and so the benefits and downsides of choosing different cloud systems in the market. This blogs aims to describe the different systems out in the market so you have an [...]

Facial Recognition

Rise of Facial Recognition Sofware Facial Recognition has gained popularity in recent years. You might have noticed that most photo applications automatically tag a name to a photo as soon as you upload it to their platform - this is due to facial recognition software. Now it is being introduced for consumer security in smartphones, [...]

Microsoft Office 365 – Modern Authentication

Office 365 usage is increasing Microsoft Office 365 is among the most popular options for hosting business class email in the cloud. With millions of users, however, there has recently been an increase in malicious actors compromising email accounts through phishing/spam email messages. These phishing emails often contain links that, when clicked on by an [...]

NIST Recommendations Changes to Passwords

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is an industry leader in providing recommendations on information security. The institute has been publishing password guidelines since 2017 with its latest release this year. Some of the changes mentioned are controversial but aim to be ultimately beneficial for end-users. Here are some major changes to password [...]

MSP’s are Under Attack

Managed Service Providers are a Target for Hackers, just like our clients Imagine - if you are a hacker who wants to make a lot of money; why target individual clients when you can target their support organizations instead. Triella, like many IT companies is a managed service provider. Like others, we look after the [...]

Social Engineering Attacks

A social engineering attack involves an attacker who takes advantage of social norms to gain access to an organization's data. Hackers who implement such attacks can disguise themselves as a trustworthy source to build rapport with company employees. Once the attacker has made a connection, they will try to extract confidential company information to compromise [...]

Triella’s Security Offerings – Part 4 of 4 – The Gold Standard

The Gold Standard includes all the items listed in the Silver and Bronze Standard, plus the following: Annual Disaster Recovery Testing Once per year, we will shut down all systems and run a test of the disaster recovery system so that the firm can understand the full recoverability of the system and human resources required [...]