SentinelOne Protects Against Two High Profile Cyber Attacks

The global cyber security landscape today is fraught with risks. New and dangerous forms of malware, highly coordinated ransom attacks, and state-sponsored cyber-attacks against infrastructure and industry are all on the rise. The tools and practices of the past are no longer adequate to keep pace with the threats we face today, let alone the [...]

Updating your Google My Business details

Updating your Google My Business details Has your firm recently gone through restructuring? Or is your firm going through a change in ownership and wants to rebrand under a new name? You may be thinking of the tasks that need to be completed to facilitate this process. An important item that often gets neglected during [...]

Protecting Client Data During Border Crossings

Increasing the amount of information and inspection at border crossings is becoming more and more onerous. In particular, lawyers may be asked to provide access to their cell phones and laptop computers for "inspection" by border officers. What can lawyers do to protect the information of their clients? Here are a few suggestions: Smartphones Everyone [...]

Why you need a Managed Service Provider

Business Needs are Changing As a growing small business, the IT needs that you had when you were 3-5 people are not the same as the IT needs when you grow to 20 or 50 people. The more people you have the more structure is required around your IT. Some hire their own IT person [...]

Contact Management Simplified

One of the challenges often faced by our clients is the management for firm contacts.   Contacts can be located in individual smartphones, in Outlook Contacts or even in public folders.  Firms try to centrally manage these contacts for things such as Christmas mailings or event notification by email but Outlook has a hard time keeping [...]

5 Strategies For Your Firm To Go Paperless!

5 Steps to going paperless

5 Steps to Going Paperless! What is the paperless office all about and what do you need? Going paperless has a lot of benefits to a firm.   It reduces the cost of off site storage, makes documents searchable electronically, allows lawyers to take work with them without back breaking briefs and allows documents to be […]

4 Key Advantages of IT Managed Services for Your Small Business

Triella Services

Managed Services for your Firm No matter how big or small your business is, there is a need to have a dedicated IT department for the firm. Every firm nowadays has some component of their business that relies on technology – whether it may be for accounting, marketing or day-to-day operations, there is a need […]

5 Points to Consider when Purchasing a Firewall

Not all Firewalls are Created Equally! A firewall is usually a firm’s first line of defense against harmful viruses and malware. Without it, computers in your environment are susceptible to a plethora of potential threats. To keep up with recent advancements in computing and network technologies, firewalls have also evolved. As a result, it can […]

Citrix ShareFile and Security

Businesses today are facing the challenges to securing data which is critical to every enterprise.  In another words, how companies securely manage document workflows and the sharing of data, including confidential intellectual property, and across globally-dispersed teams, becomes more and more critical.