The Future of Law and Technology

As technology becomes more advanced, the legal industry will have to consider how their firms will be shaped and run by the introduction of new technologies and innovations.

Outlook and Office 365 Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

Originally, Microsoft offered Remote Connectivity Assistant, which checks for connectivity problems on your computer and network. They have now released a new, free application: Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant, which offers a richer set of tests.

Twitter – A Look at A User’s Profile Page

Identifying the features and functions of a user’s profile page on Twitter. Users can update their page as often as they want and track the amount of activity their tweets and page(s) are receiving from their followers and other users.

TeamViewer QuickSupport

In the past a technician would have to go onsite or physically have a mobile device in hand to give support to a client. With the help of a new app called TeamViewer QuickSupport, a technician can connect from any computer to any Android or iOS device.