Backupify – For Office 365

Triella can provide backup for your office 365 environment!Cloud Usage is on the Rise! As more and more businesses are relying on Microsoft Office 365, the need for a robust backup solution to keep pace with the changes in email and to keep a historical record of email ad SharePoint data is more important than ever. Backupify is that solution. Whether it be [...]

Google will Flag your Website if you do not have an SSL Certificate!

SSL Certificates Required for Chrome access to Web Sites  Beginning July 1, Google Chrome will flag your website if you do not have an SSL certificate!   In preparation for Chrome version 68 launch, Google is making greater efforts to secure the web. With increased dependencies on online platforms there is a need to secure your […]

5 Points to Consider when Purchasing a Firewall

Not all Firewalls are Created Equally! A firewall is usually a firm’s first line of defense against harmful viruses and malware. Without it, computers in your environment are susceptible to a plethora of potential threats. To keep up with recent advancements in computing and network technologies, firewalls have also evolved. As a result, it can […]

DuoLingo – Learn a new language

learning new languages simplified

DuoLingo facilitates learning a new language a few minutes a day on your smartphone. Introduction You can learn just about any new language with DuoLingo – from Arabic to Klingon – it is all taught in the same way.   I’ve been using the app to learn French for the past month and was impressed with […]

$2,000,000 Raised to Help Kids with Cancer Attend Camp

We are proud and thankful to all our donors who helped Triella to raised the 9th largest donation to Camp Oochigeas over the past 10k weekend.  Some of our staff ran and some walked.  It was a great experience with many unintended benefits and more importantly the intended benefit of getting more kids to Camp! […]

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

Digital photography and camera phones have brought the entire industry of roll film photography to extinction.  So why turn back time and introduce something like the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 when there is such great technology out there that can provide high quality even panoramic images?

Top 5 Blogs for 2017!

Internet Cookies, GDPR Compliance, and Unstructured Data were some of the topics that got people talking in 2017!