Citrix ShareFile and Security

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Businesses today are facing the challenges to securing data which is critical to every enterprise.  In another words, how companies securely manage document workflows and the sharing of data, including confidential intellectual property, and across globally-dispersed teams, becomes more and more critical.

Citrix ShareFile takes document storage and security seriously.  It ensures that your IT systems are more agile and responsive to the changing digital economy.  From a security point of view, Citrix ShareFile uses metadata that ensures no visibility to files or folders.  In fact, file and folder metadata is encrypted with the customer’s private key before being written to the ShareFile Cloud, so Citrix has zero knowledge of file and folder names.

No doubt that Citrix ShareFile is an industry-leading file sync and sharing solution that meets the needs of today’s business without compromising security. ShareFile gives users true enterprise-class data services across all corporate and personal mobile devices, with the flexibility of Cloud or on-premises deployment, all while maintaining total IT control.


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With the growing demands of digitalization, our objective is to how we can improve the productivity of our employees, even if they choose to bring their own device.  The ideal approach is to enable completely device-independent computing through enterprise mobility management, Windows app and desktop virtualization and secure file sharing.  Citrix ShareFile is a tested solution to how work gets done in a better way especially when we talk about data security and sharing across invisible lines. So it is important to consider that what businesses are investing in to ensure that employees, customers and partners are able to collaborate on business documents across any device, at any time, while maintaining a high level of security, which are experiencing increased productivity and ROI.

Citrix has provided special feature in ShareFile which is Restricted Storage Zones, especially among government agencies, financial institutions, and European enterprises and organizations that were not previously considering a Cloud service until now. One government agency, who required a private area for employees to collaborate on content that should not leave the agency, adopted ShareFile Restricted Storage Zones to ensure that employees could sync documents to multiple devices, access and share them on the go while preventing data leakage.


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While I was writing this blog I was working on implementing ShareFile and while exploring its many features, one that stood out in particular was integration with 3rd party applications like Outlook and Microsoft Office which enhance the user experience.  We cannot deny the fact that NetScaler adds an additional layer of security while you configure you own Storage Zone in internal network. With ShareFile, you can allow your customer to store data on premises or in the Cloud, and in both cases they can use their own encryption keys. Customers have the option to keep their data in their preferred country, city or even behind their firewall to comply with local regulations and protect sensitive data and intellectual property which I believe is very important for the organization who deal with confidential and sensitive information.



Vikram Singh is the Server Support Specialist at Triella, a technology consulting company specializing in providing technology audits, planning advice, project management and other CIO-related services to small and medium sized firms. For additional articles, please visit Triella is a VMware Professional Partner, Microsoft Certified Partner, Citrix Solution Advisor – Silver, Dell Preferred Partner, Authorized Worldox Reseller and a Webroot Reseller.
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