Not Ready for Windows 10? Microsoft makes it Possible to Continue Using Windows 7.

New updates for Windows 7 allow businesses to keep using the operating system while delaying their switch to Windows 10.

Microsoft’s push to migrate users to Windows 10 has been widespread ever since the upgrade was released in 2015.  Despite the promise of a faster operating system, new features and a better layout, many have been hesitant to move their computers and devices over to Windows 10.
For many, the safety and reliability of Windows 7 is enough and businesses are reluctant to move to Windows 10.  As a result, Microsoft has released a number of updates, referred to as the SP1 convenience roll-up, for Windows 7 that allows its users to continue using the operating system.
The SP1 convenience roll-up contains a number of core security, non-security, and Windows fixes that have been released since Windows 7 Service Pack 1 was first released in 2011 to April 2016.[1]  The roll-up is designed to give users access to all these updates at once so that their Windows 7 devices can be updated simply and quickly.
Should users choose to take advantage of the SP1 convenience roll-out, they will only have to concern themselves with the next updates released after April 2016.[2]  For many this is a major advantage as the updates will allow them to continue working in Windows 7 and prepare for transition to Windows 10 in their own time.
For more information and links to download the SP1 convenience rollout, refer to this link:
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