Data Encryption

What is Data Encryption?

Encryption is the process of encoding data so it can be read only by the intended recipient.

This article discusses two main forms of encryption and provides insights on how a firm can start the process of encryption.

Symmetric Encryption

Symmetric encryption uses a single key to both encrypt and decrypt a message or file. In order to read the information, the intended recipient must have access to the key. The keys are algorithms comprised of a combination of text, numbers and symbols that is created to lock and unlock data files. Like passwords, a user needs to enter the key for a particular file or set of files in order to lock or unlock the information.

The main disadvantage of symmetric encryption is its use of a single key to encrypt and decrypt files. This can compromise the security of files and the key itself as multiple people will need access to it.

Asymmetric Encryption

This form of encryption uses two keys where a ‘public’ key is used to encrypt a file and a ‘private’ key is used for decrypting a file.

Most encryption is done asymmetrically as it is considered a more robust option. While the public key is known by the sender and recipient, the private key is known only to the recipient which they then use to decrypt the file. This method helps to cut down on the potential for security breaches and ensures that only the intended recipient’s private key works on the encrypted file.

What should I encrypt?

A firm can choose to encrypt a variety of different components of their infrastructure. From small-scale encryption such as file and desktop to large scale encryption such as server, database and application. With encryption, a firm is able to protect their data such that if there was a hack that captured your data, the hacker would not be able to use that data as they would not have the required private key.

Encryption is a technical matter best delegated to those who understand the underlying technologies.   If you are interested in encryption please call us to discuss how our firm can help your firm protect its data through encryption..

To learn more about encryption, click here.

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