Day 3 – Apple Watch

The watch that does a lot more than tell the time.

The rise of wearable technology has been a fast and surprising one. The introduction of the Apple Watch has helped to quicken this trend. First introduced in April 2015, the Apple Watch is one of Apple’s latest products.
Referred to as “the watch reimagined”, the Apple Watch does much more than provide you the time.
Some features of the Apple Watch include providing notifications (ex. a phone call, text message, email, etc.). Through a gentle tap or buzzing on the wrist, an individual is able to keep in touch with others no matter where they are.
Siri and Apple Pay are also available on the Apple Watch allowing users to complete tasks, obtain information, and make payments. An individual is also able to access music from their iPhone, traffic and weather updates, and the App Store.
Apple Watch is designed to make communication easier. With simple movements such as flick of the wrist, voice recognition, and pre-set commands, users are able to answer messages and phone calls easily and stay connected with their friends and colleagues. There is also full integration with the iPhone; using an application installed on the iPhone, conversations and data can be transferred from the Apple Watch to the iPhone without delay.
Fitness and lifestyle are also major components. The Apple Watch is designed to reflect the individual; with built-in sensors and monitors, the Watch provides an exercise routine that lets you know when you have been sitting still for too long and when you should get some exercise. It also provides a Workout app which provides real-time statistics in an individual’s workout routine such as elapsed time, distance, calorie loss, and speed.
There are currently 3 types of Apple Watches to choose from: Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch Edition with over 20 models to choose from. To use all the features of the Apple Watch, the individual needs to own an iPhone or Apple device. The price ranges depending on the type and model that is chosen. The Apple Watch Sport is the least costly option, between $449-$520 CDN.
While the Apple Watch is an expensive gift, it is nevertheless a popular item this Christmas season. With the popularity of wearable devices and Apple’s stellar reputation in the marketplace, the Apple Watch is definitely an interesting and desirable gift.
For more information on features, functionality, and pricing of the Apple Watch, please click the link below:
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