“Triella was able to quickly put together a plan of action to address our issues. Their ability to ask the right questions and respond to our questions inspires confidence.”
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Carla DavidAccounting Assistant, The Morassutti Group and North Drive

“We are happy that we have such a reliable and proactive service provider in Triella. They will be a core part of our growth in the future, including helping us transition to a new practice and accounting software in 2020.”
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Julia YastrebController/General Manager, Keyser Mason Ball LLP

“The move to the Cloud was a success and resulted in reduced expenses and improved network performance. If something goes wrong we know Triella cares as much as we do about finding a solution. Charles brings a good team to the table and we get consistent support.”
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Allison Thornton
Allison ThorntonPartner, Koch Thornton LLP

“Triella was able to replace our server, bring our software up to date and maintain operations with very little downtime. There was no time to search for alternatives and we knew Treilla understood our industry and our business. We’re confident with the new system they have put in place.”
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Mary Jane McDonaldOffice Manager, MacIntosh, MacDonnell & MacDonald

“We originally retained Triella’s services to conduct a Technology Audit for BurgarRowe. We knew, from the thoroughness of the Audit, that Triella would be an excellent candidate to partner with us to virtualize our servers. We were correct in our assessment–Triella’s work was outstanding.”
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Jim McIntosh
Jim McIntoshPartner, Barriston LLP

“We’re so glad Triella was working with us when we got hit with a virus. They were part of our data recovery team, took control of the situation immediately, and managed it incredibly.”
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Debbie Galbo
Debbie GalboHR/Office Manager, Dooley Lucenti Barristers & Solicitors

“Charles really understands the needs of a law firm and has a collaborative communication style and practical general approach. He’s also very good at working within budgets and managing expectations. The results were tremendous. Everyone caught on quickly and within a month had an “aha” moment where they realized the benefits and wondered: How did we manage without this?”
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Jan Chaffay
Jan ChaffayBusiness Manager Houser, Henry & Syron LLP

“Triella had a very incisive grasp of our needs as a business organization, and a very good grasp of how to move forward in the face of change. They assessed our IT needs, including how we were meeting those needs. They then helped us to organize ourselves to better and more effectively use computer technology in our business. Charles performed an invaluable service at a critical time. ”
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Kirk Stevens
Kirk StevensManaging Partner, Lerners LLP

“The feedback has been positive. People who know computers are happy with it while older users are getting more comfortable with the system. Triella is very responsive if we have questions and issues—everything is resolved within two hours.”
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Ian Mair
Ian MairPartner, Moodie Mair Walker Lawyers

“Triella responded as promised and delivered a report that helped us make some critical decisions for improving the security and efficiency of our systems.”
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Keith Bowman
Keith BowmanCEO, The Public Accountants Council for the Province of Ontario