DuoLingo – Learn a new language

DuoLingo facilitates learning a new language a few minutes a day on your smartphone.


You can learn just about any new language with DuoLingo – from Arabic to Klingon – it is all taught in the same way.   I’ve been using the app to learn French for the past month and was impressed with the way the app gamifies language learning.

learn a new language.
Easy and fun way to learn a new language

Its never been easier to learn a new language!

Once DuoLingo is installed, you can choose the new language that you want to learn.   At first the exercises are very simple.  Single words which you are asked to define in English.  Over time the app builds on this knowledge using:

  1. Word blocks that can be assembled into sentences as prompted by the app.
  2. Fill in the blank, usually associated with languages with gender.
  3. Speak the phrases that are prompted.
  4. Write the language in phrases that are prompted.
  5. Translate from English to the foreign language.
  6. Translate from the foreign language to English.
  7. Multiple choice
  8. Pair up words from the foreign language with words from English

Enjoy and Learn with DuoLingo

The gamification comes in the form of a Health Meter.  The meter has 5 segments to it meaning that you can make up to 5 mistakes in any given lesson.  Once you lose all health, the lessons stop and you have to wait for a recharge or use credits that you have accumulated through successful exercises to purchase health. A segment of health will regenerate on its own in 4 hours.   You can also watch ads to gain a segment of health.   This all pertains to the free version of the software, which is the one I am using.  The paid version will differ.

The variety of ways in which the curriculum is taught is impressive for a mobile device and it only takes about 5 minutes a day for the lessons.   I would highly recommend DuoLingo if you are looking to improve your foreign language skills for your next vacation or anything else! For more information on the app click here.

A bientôt!

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