Boost Email Protection with Mimecast

Mimecast is a cloud based email pre and post processing system for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 that facilitates Email Protection.   Email is delivered to Mimecast and pre-screened for spam and viruses and then delivered to your firm’s Exchange server on premises or in the Cloud.  This is just the beginning of the Email Protection that Mimecast can provide however.   Unlike other spam management systems, it also facilitates many productivity and data retention roles for the firm.  These are described below:

Email Protection Through Continuity

One standout feature that is extremely valuable is the Mimecast Continuity mode.  This really increases Email Protection by allowing email always to be up and running.  Disruption in the flow of mail to and from your business can cause significant harm to the business.   Mimecast Continuity mode allows mail to continue flowing even if your email system is not working.  Continuity mode also provides the users access to their emails through mobile phones, Outlook WebApp and the Mimecast Application – available for both Android and iPhone smartphones.   When your email system comes back up, Mimecast automatically synchronizes all of the changes made while your Exchange server was down so that your inbox doesn’t miss a beat!


Mimecast archives all mail sent and received from your server.  This allows anyone to search for mail quickly and easily no matter how old it is.  It also means that users do not need to bulk up their email since they are always accessible through Mimecast. It is also a good source if an employee leaves and you need to know what transpired prior to them leaving.  For security, Mimecast encrypts and secures the emails in a centralized management administration control. Investing in Mimecast can also be cost effective for your business because there will be no need to install any additional hardware or software to provide Email Protection your firm’s email server.

Works Directly Inside Outlook!

Mimecast provides the user easy access to the Email Protection features through an Outlook add-in. This add-in feature enables the Mimecast features right from in Outlook.   No need to go to a different location to view spam messages, permit or blacklist addresses!

Email Protection
Mimecast for Outlook Menu

Sending the Requesting Large Files!

Have you ever had a bounceback indicating that the attachments you want to send are too large!   A real time waster!   Mimecast for Outlook provides the large file send /large file request options which automatically detect when an email is too large to send and converts the attachments into an email like that can be sent to the client.   The link points to the files which are uploaded to Mimecast.   Mimecast Large File Send “LFS” provides the recipient with a secure way of downloading the attachment, the recipient also has the ability to send you a large file attachment using the Mimecast LFS link.  The sender has control over how long the link is available giving the sender unparalleled control over the attachments.

Mimecast offers improved email protection, mail flow continuity and user features to optimize the business and centralize the administration of email for each user. Mimecast ensures your email communication stays protected and safeguards your inbox from virus and malware and malicious internal attacks.  You can find out more about Mimecast here.  When you are ready to implement Mimecast, call us!

Joshua Defante is a Consultant at Triella, a technology consulting company specializing in providing technology assessments, consulting, maintenance services and CIO-related services to small and medium sized firms. Joshua can be reached at 647.426.1004. For additional articles, please visit Triella is a Citrix Partner, VMware Partner, Microsoft Small Business Specialist, Microsoft Silver Partner, Dell Preferred Partner and Authorized Worldox Reseller.

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