Securing External HDD and USB Flash Drive Data by Encryption

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It’s not hard to lose a HDD or a USB flash drive; it’s even easier to steal one.
If you’re the victim of such a theft, panic is understandable. There could be work documents, private pictures, video—anything—on that drive. It’s also unlikely to be the only copy. If you misplace or forget your External HD or USB, at least make sure that data is secure.
There are multiple solutions available, Lot of online software are available to protect your data in External HD. But what we suggest is the best practice when protecting your important data from unauthenticated access is:
Buy and Use Data Locker H300/H350 Basic Encrypted External Hard Drive

Why Should You Buy and Use a Data Locker Basic Encrypted External Hard Drive?

Below is a few features of the Data Locker devices, allowing them to be more secure and trustworthy.
DataLocker® H300 Basic and DataLocker® H350 Basic are USB (Universal Serial Bus) 3.0, portable hard drives with built-in password security and data encryption. They are designed to be the world’s most secure USB hard drives. Now you can safely carry your files and data with you wherever you go.

How Secure Is It?

H300 and H350 devices have been designed from the ground up with security in mind. A combination of advanced security technologies are used to ensure that only you can access your data. Additionally, it has been designed to be physically secure, to prevent hardware-level attacks and tampering, as well as to make the device rugged and long-lasting. The internal hardware or, Cryptochip, is hardened against physical attacks such as power attacks and bus sniffing. It is physically impossible to tamper with its protected data or reset the password counter. If the Cryptochip detects a physical attack, it destroys the Cryptochip, making the stored encrypted files inaccessible. As Data Locker strives to be very open about their security architecture and technology that they use in designing and building the devices. They use established cryptographic algorithms, develop threat models, and perform security analyses (internal and third party) of their systems all the way through design and development.

How Is It Different from a Regular Hard Drive?

There are many features to distinguish Data Locker devices from other external hard drives.

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification (H350 only)

H350 is a FIPS-certified device so you can feel confident that you’re complying with regulatory requirements.

Hardware Encryption

The Cryptochip in the device protects your data to the same level as a highly classified government information. This security technology is always on and cannot be disabled.
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Password Protected

Device access is secured using password protection. Do not share your password with anyone so that even if your device is lost or stolen, no one else can access your data.

Self-Destruct Sequence

If the Cryptochip detects physical tampering, or if 10 incorrect password attempts have been entered, it initiates a permanent self-destruct sequence that securely erases all onboard data (unless you set your device to reset)—so remember your password.

Simple Device Management

Your device includes the DataLocker Control Panel, a program for accessing and managing your files.

How to Set Up Your Data Locker Device

1) Connect to Computer and click on UNLOCKER.EXE ASSIGNED A PASSWORD.
2) Create and confirm a password for the device.
If you forget your password, you can select the self-destruct function where the device will self-destruct after 10 consecutive incorrect password attempts.
You can also choose Device Reset which will reset the device to the original factory setting.  Doing so, however, will cause all data on the device to be lost.
You can also choose the format of secure volume file system.
Next time when you want to access just click Unlock and put in your password to access your drive and data.
No more worry about losing or forgetting your External HDD or USB.  Your data is protected.
Muhammad Adil is a Client Support Specialist at Triella, a technology consulting company specializing in providing technology audits, planning advice, project management and other CIO-related services to small and medium sized firms.  For additional articles, go to  Triella is a VMware Professional Partner, Microsoft Certified Partner, Citrix Solution Advisor – Silver, Dell Preferred Partner, Authorized Worldox Reseller and a Webroot Reseller.
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