Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

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Digital photography and camera phones have brought the entire industry of roll film photography to extinction.  So why turn back time and introduce something like the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 when there is such great technology out there that can provide high quality even panoramic images?

Some say nostalgia, and for the younger generation it’s a retro MUST HAVE for social media.  They use their little snaps as props for their blogs, Instagram and Twitter! Bands and musicians have even included instant photos in their albums!


The Fuji Instax mini 9 is an extremely basic camera that takes an instant picture.  It comes in a wide range of colors.


The simplicity of the camera is instantly gratifying. Point, push the button and out pops your picture. It even has a mirror that you can use to take selfies!


The original instant photo camera was the Poloroid. They used technology which printed photos instantly rather than relying on a film to record the image to be printed later. When digital cameras became prevalent in the photography market and stricter guidelines for the chemical cocktail used to produce the images was deemed harmful, Polaroid tried but failed to come up with a safe chemistry solution that was also usable with their cameras. So enter Fuji. With their experience with film and the right chemical solution to transgress the environmental regulations and after acquiring licensing to Kodak technology, they have been able to produce a camera that can print in two sizes. A portrait format which is a credit card size (62mm X 46mm) and a wider landscape format (60mm X 99mm). Poloroid is still around, but Fujifilm has over taken them in the instant camera market.


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How Do They Get The Picture On That Retro Film Sheet?

The print “sheet” is made up of a combination of liquid chemical developer, a positive emulsion on cellulose, and color dyes sandwiched between the layers. The film is exposed when the shutter is pressed. It begins to develop as soon as the camera ejects the print. The developer packs, which are housed in the boarder of the print are squeezed open by small rolling pins when the film ejects, thus developing the image.

The resolution of the pictures is 12 lines per millimeter. They are not the high quality images we are used to from our digital cameras and phones. They also do not come with a backup, SD cards or internal memory. Which is part of the appeal; they are originals! Taking photos with the Fuji Instax Mini 9 takes some practice to get the clarity, exposure and details right. There are many blogs and YouTube videos out there with tips on getting the best shots and ways to use these little gems as props within your digital photos.


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The cost for the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is just under $100 CDN. The camera its self holds 10 sheets of film which comes loaded in a black plastic cartridge. The film packages themselves vary in size from 10 sheets and up and cost can vary from $10 and up. The film comes with various colour boarders which, when developed, are fun to write messages on. There are also many different models made by Fujifilm of instant film cameras and accessories to go with them.

So why not turn back time or be a hipster and give the new Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 a try?

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