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Looking at resourceful tools and policies for a Help Desk team to service and solve problems for their clients.
A firm’s technology depends heavily on the people who support it.  Having a dedicated and knowledgeable IT team to manage technology, educate users, and provide solutions to problems helps keep an organization running smoothly.
There are many tools and resources that an IT firm’s Help Desk team can use in order to educate their users on their technology, proactively identify problems, and provide solutions to their clients.

Bit-Size Learning

Educating clients on their technology and applications can be a daunting task.  Not everyone is tech-savvy and some have a harder time grasping certain features and functions than others.  One solution is the introduction of 1-3 minute videos.  Created by the Help Desk team, these videos provide up-to-date information on a firm’s latest technology initiative.
For example, if a firm is looking to implement Windows 10.  A video explaining the basic functionality and setup of Windows 10 can help users better understand and get a feel for the operating system.  This helps to create a more interactive and real-time training environment for users.

Evolution of BYOD Support

Bring your own device (BYOD) policies are becoming an important part of the office environment as employees are using their personal computers and smartphones to work and access company data.
As a result, the Help Desk team needs to be prepared to support these devices and ensure that all data is secured yet easy to access.
Popular practices include:

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) policies to separate business and personal data on a user’s smartphone
  • Proper security processes in place (i.e. antivirus software, spam management) to ensure data is secured
  • Wipe business data off devices of departing employees to keep data with the company
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) allows the Help Desk to easily connect to a variety of devices to troubleshoot problems, control updates, etc.
  • Draw the line on the types of hardware and applications that the Help Desk is willing to support.  For example, decide whether to support commercial applications like Skype and iTunes.


Customers are the #1 Priority

Customer satisfaction is key for a Help Desk team.  Making sure that clients are happy and understand how their technology works will ensure a smoother working environment.
Keep in mind that training is not always a one-size-fits-all model.  Techniques such as personalized workshops and Lunch and Learns can help clients understand new technologies being implemented at their office and gives them a chance to experience the changes firsthand prior to implementation.
It’s also important that the Help Desk team stay up-to-date on new technologies themselves in order to service their clients’ changing needs.  Team collaboration, peer reviews, and additional training helps to increase the collective knowledge of the Help Desk team allowing them to combat issues.
Technology and service are complementary terms.  Today, firms manage their technology through an external or internal IT firm or Help Desk team.  In order to properly service these firms, a Help Desk team can look into different methods of communication in order to effectively service and support their clients.

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