How to update Windows 10 using the Windows Update Assistant

Running updates on your computer can be a tedious task. Update alerts usually pop up when you are busy and can interrupt your entire work day. If updates are not completed properly it can also slow down your computer. Setting up a time when you are not using the device to run the updates is less disruptive. But, did you know that you may not be getting all updates from Microsoft just by running the updates on your Windows 10 computer?

How often should I update?

Microsoft typically releases 2 major updates per year for Windows 10, one in spring and the other in fall. If your computer updates are not managed by your IT service provider, you may not be getting all of these updates.

To check if you have the latest updates go to the following Microsoft site and download the Windows Update Assistant.

How does it work?

Click on download the Update Assistant (link above). Once downloaded double click to install. When you open the update assistant it will want to check your computer for updates. This can take up to an hour to download the updates. Once complete, Update Assistant is going to reboot your computer. During this time, the updates will be installed. This can take up to 30 minutes to complete, you are going to want to make sure you have time before running this tool.

When the Download Assistant has completed you are going to want to run the Windows updates from the Update & Security tile on your computer to get all of the updates that were not yet installed.

Installing updates on your computer on a minimum monthly basis is best practice for keeping your device safe from vulnerabilities and attacks.

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