Internet Explorer 11 – End of Life for Prior Versions

All versions of IE go end of life on January 12, 2016

In all likelihood, you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer, such as Chrome or Firefox.   Nevertheless, you should still be wary of the fact that only Internet Explorer 11 will continue to receive updates from Microsoft starting January 12, 2016.
You should care because the browser is one avenue of attack used by hackers to gain access to your machine to introduce malware such as CryptoLocker.   To reduce the footprint and maximize your protection, ensure the latest version of Internet Explorer is installed.
Even though your default browser may be set to something else, if IE is not patched, you may still be exposed to vulnerabilities. Upgrading IE does not mean you need to use it as your default.   It just means that you are protecting your Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 machine from known vulnerabilities.
One of the reasons the browser does not get upgraded in a corporate environment is due to compatibility with applications.   IE 11 has Enterprise Mode, which enables older applications to be run without issue.   Give yourself enough time to test your applications to be sure.
For more details on upgrading to IE 11, please click here.
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