The New iPhone X- Apple’s New Golden Child

9-28-2017 3-08-49 PM
Rarely an hour goes by in the many coffee shops, universities, and offices across Canada and the United States, where one can look in generally any direction and see another person busily working on their iPhone.
All jokes aside, the iPhone culture Apple has created in the Western world is one that is here to stay. Since the announcement of the new 10th anniversary edition “iPhone X”, Canadians have been anxiously awaiting its release in November. The many new and exciting features of the new model are yet again revolutionizing the smartphone market; let’s explore why.
The significance of the iPhone X is, according to Apple, quite extraordinary. It is said to be the most “radical redesign” of an iPhone to date, but whether or not that is entirely accurate is currently up for debate.
The main features that make the iPhone X so different include a screen that covers almost the entire front of the phone, the entirely glass backing of the hardware, super lightweight form, and a memory capacity of up to 256GB.
On top of that, the battery life promises to be far better than any of the other iPhones, according to Apple’s specifications.
Along with these changes, iPhone X offers some exciting and innovative new additions that are sure to excite Apple fans. These new features can also be quite helpful in the office, potentially making things more efficient and quicker for employees.
For instance, the iPhone X offers new charging features that are quite remarkable; not only is there a new “fast-charging” option that gets your phone’s battery to 50% in half an hour, there is also a new wireless charging option that forgoes the traditional cord and uses Apple’s AirPower.
This is essentially a new pad-like device where users can place their Apple devices on it, and the pad charges them all simultaneously. One can imagine how simple life would be if on a busy day at the office, simply placing one’s phone on the pad automatically starts charging it.
Additionally, the iPhone X boasts a new dual-lens camera that allows for optical image stabilization (no more shaky photos!), and portrait lighting which allows for ultra-professional portrait photos. The new front camera is even more sophisticated, with 7MP and a plethora of special features.
Finally, the buzz-worthy new feature of the iPhone X is the replacement of Touch ID with Face ID. Using the sophisticated front camera, the iPhone X is able to identify the face of the user. This technology is so advanced, that it has reduced the risk of a thief’s ability to use your phone by a one in a million chance!
In addition, it can be shut down in times of emergency, so rest assured there are many ways to protect your phone. This will allow for speedier unlocking and a more secure defense from any unwanted third parties.
The iPhone X may seem like a flawless product, but they are some concerns to be wary of. Despite the massive overhaul of improvements, the iPhone X carries a hefty price tag of $1319.00 CAD.
Even if you are willing to shell out that amount, a special cord needs to be purchased for the earlier-mentioned fast charging, as well as the pad for wireless charging, which may deter many on a budget.
There has also been much concern about the security of the Face ID feature, as users are concerned about the security of their information.
Additionally, many have complained about the iPhone X’s lack of colours as it currently comes in only Space Grey and Silver.
Though price and security are valid reasons for hesitating on this new technology, Apple is expecting a massive wave of orders for the iPhone X. In fact, the Canadian Apple site has already maxed out their number of pre-orders for it. Undoubtedly, it will be easier to obtain following the shipping date on November 3.
Whether or not you decide to purchase an iPhone X, at Triella, we can help with many of your work-related or technical mobile issues.  Our goal is to facilitate all aspects of work technology, and this includes resolving issues that may arise with your work phone. For more information, visit
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