Latest Windows 10 Update may break your Bluetooth device!

Unsecure devices may no longer pair with Windows 10!

The June cumulative Windows update can potentially break certain Bluetooth devices that Microsoft has flagged as unsafe. Several Windows updates in the past have caused unintentional breaks but this time Microsoft is deliberately blocking certain Bluetooth devices and warning users ahead of time.

Security Update for Bluetooth Device Management

The new security update (CVE-2019-2102) aims to resolve wireless vulnerabilities by deliberately blocking connections between the Operating System and “unsecure” Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth devices that use well-known encryption keys will not be allowed to pair with the OS. If you are unsuccessful at connecting your device, you can review your Event Log to troubleshoot the problem. (You can access Event Viewer from Start and typing “Event”.)  The following Event Message will appear for such Bluetooth devices.


“Your Bluetooth device attempted to establish a debug connection. The Windows Bluetooth stack does not allow debug connection while it is not in the debug mode.” 

How can I fix this?

If your device does not connect due to the error message displayed above check to see if the Bluetooth device has an update to remedy the situation. If not, then replace the Bluetooth device with one that it safe.  This will likely be the standard for Bluetooth devices moving forward and so holding on to unsafe devices is not be a good idea.

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