Coffee Meeting? Easily Scheduled with Microsoft Outlook and Starbucks

A look at a new add-on application courtesy of Microsoft Outlook and Starbucks that lets you schedule and plan your coffee meetings right from your email.

In today’s world of increased connectivity, a large part of the business world revolves around connecting with colleagues, clients, co-workers, etc.  Coffee meetings have always been a popular way for workers to meet with one another in a semi-informal setting to discuss business.
Microsoft Outlook and Starbucks have recognize this trend and formed a partnership to create a new add-on for Outlook that allows workers to invite and schedule a meeting with their contacts at their local Starbucks.
This free add-on, which was released in June 2016, allows workers to craft and attach a personalized message to the end of their emails asking the respondent out for coffee.
It also allows the sender of the email to attach and send Starbucks gift cards to the email’s recipient.
SBUX eGift Screen
Currently the plug-in is available for Outlook 2013 and 2016 on Windows and Outlook Online on the web and requires one of the following email platforms:

  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Exchange

The plug-in is currently not available on Mac-based Outlook or Outlook Mobile but this will probably change in the near future.
The purpose of this new plug-in is to help foster relationships and connections with our friends, co-workers, etc.  Stressing that personal connections are key to both personal and professional lives, having the ability to schedule formal or informal coffee meetings through email is an easy and efficient way to stay in contact with clients and friends.
Click here for information on how to install the plug-in for Microsoft Outlook:
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