New Microsoft Outlook is Coming to Windows and Mac

10-17-2017 2-49-52 PM
Simplicity is the goal for Microsoft Outlook’s next version update.
It was recently announced that Microsoft is working on a new version of Outlook for Windows and Mac users.
The goal behind this update is to create a simple, easily accessible version of Outlook that both Windows and Mac devices can use.
While the full list of new features has not been released yet, there are some significant trends apparent in Outlook’s new update.

1) Focus on Mac Users

For Mac users, Outlook is currently available as an app for iOS.  The new version of Outlook is looking to take the features and functionality of the app and transfer it over to a desktop version for Mac.
Outlook is also looking to capture more Mac users by enhancing some of its best features.  For instance, the new version will feature improvements in the search function with faster and more reliable search speeds.  There will also be improvements to calendars with a better interface for managing and scheduling appointments.

2) Full Customization

Adding more customization to Outlook and crafting email messages is a focal point of the new version. A customizable ribbon running along the top of the program window will allow users to control which buttons and features they want available for quick use.
This allows for a completely customized email experience where users can create their own interface that is appropriate for their tasks.

3) File Sharing and Email Creation

Quick access to folders and files will be available in the new version through the Navigation Panel in Outlook. Users will be able to access a variety of folders and documents across multiple accounts.
Mac users will also be able to insert tables into emails allowing greater functionality in sending email messages.

A New Direction for Outlook

Outlook’s decision to create a more Mac-friendly interface is partially in response to the increasing presence of Mac users.  According to The Verge, “MacBooks are popular amongst key influencers and decision makers.” [1]
As a result, Microsoft hopes to capture more of the Apple/Mac market by creating an email program more compatible with Mac-based technology.
10-17-2017 2-58-14 PM
Windows users will also get the benefit of new features added to Outlook and a simpler interface allowing them to send and receive emails and documents.
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