Tech the Halls: 12 Days of Christmas – Day #12: Pixel Kit

12 Days of Christmas - Day 12
Like a digital Lite-Brite!
Some of us will remember Light-Brite, the toy that allowed you to create pictures using coloured light bulbs.  The intricacy of the designs and pictures could keep you busy for hours!
In today’s digital age, the idea behind Light-Brite (creating pictures made of coloured light) has adapted.
The Pixel Kit offers a digital form of Light-Brite while also helping to strengthen children’s coding skills.
Meant to be an interactive activity, each Pixel Kit comes with its pieces and components which you are meant to assemble yourself.  The kit comes with an instruction manual that provides step-by-step instructions to help you assemble your kit.
After assembling your Pixel Kit, you connect it to your computer and download the developer app from Kano.
In addition to powering the device, the Kano app provides 35 challenges and games that allows users to get the full experience of their device (i.e. Treasure Hunter games, Chatterbox, Weather Station, etc.). The app also allows you to connect with friends who have Pixel Kits to share creations through the app.
After you have activated your device, you can begin coding it to create visual graphics and pictures.  Using instructions to connect blocks and build lines of code, users are able to create moving visuals, graphics, and games on the device.
The device also comes with a painter function.  Using the app on your computer you are able to create pictures and light animations using over 16 million colours that you can code yourself.
The device is also capable of adding sound.  With a built-in microphone you can add music and sound to enhance your pictures.
Currently it retails for $79.99 on
Pixel Kit is a great idea for your kids this holiday season. It allows them to be creative as well as increase their coding skills.  If you were a fan of Light-Brite as a kid it might be time to introduce your children to the next generation.
Our 12 Days of Christmas has come to an end!  We hope you enjoyed a review of some of the latest technology-based toys for the holiday season.  Tune into tomorrow as we continue with Tech the Halls bringing you more technology/holiday filled content.
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