Protecting Your Social Media Accounts from Hackers

6-22-2017 10-38-04 AM
Your social media accounts deserve the same amount of protection as your overall infrastructure
While often not a first priority, professional and personal social media accounts need to be taken into consideration when looking at the current security landscape.
With increased threats (i.e. WannaCry) and sophisticated malware making its way around users’ systems, protecting your social media accounts from hackers is something that business professionals need to consider more closely.
Here’s a look at some of the tools and tips to effectively protect your accounts.

Close Your Old Accounts

While setting up a social media account is an easy process, keeping track of all of your accounts can become daunting.  For example, if your business model emphasizes that each department should have their own social media accounts (i.e. Accounting, Marketing, Sales, etc.) you can end up having multiple accounts linked with your company.
This creates vulnerability, especially if any of these accounts fall out of use. Business owners should take the time to do a full audit of their social media accounts with the active accounts receiving continued protection and deactivating the unwanted accounts.
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Use Strong Passwords and Enable Security

Since social media is hosted over the Internet, there are a variety of ways to protect your account.  For example, using strong passwords or passphrases can go a long way towards protecting your accounts.  Having a strong password makes it more difficult for hackers or other third parties to gain access to your accounts.
Another tactic is to enable the security options present on most social media sites.  For example, LinkedIn allows you to customize your privacy settings allowing certain people access to view your content and Twitter allows you to verify login requests to your accounts.

Monitor Your Connections and Requests

A general rule of thumb for social media is not to accept connections requests from people you do not know.  Staying connected only to people you know in real life goes a long way towards keeping hackers from having access to your content and information.
Alternatively, should you accept a stranger as a connection, do a quick background check on them (i.e. check out their profiles and content history) to check for legitimacy.
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The Importance of Social Media

The security of your company’s social media accounts should be a primary concern for business owners.  Like a desktop computer, social media has the potential to be hacked with its information stolen and distributed to others.
Business owners should invest the time and energy into protecting their company accounts as it is the source of their brand message and works to build and reinforce their reputation to their customers.
Courtney Rosebush is a Marketing and Sales Coordinator at Triella, a technology consulting firm specializing in providing technology audits, planning advice, project management and other CIO-related services to small and medium sized firms. Courtney can be reached at 647.426.1004 x 227. For additional articles, go to is a VMware Professional Partner, Microsoft Certified Partner, Citrix Solution Advisor – Silver, Dell Preferred Partner, Authorized Worldox Reseller and a Kaspersky Reseller.
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