Protect Your Knowledge Worker Computers for $5/month

Backup software with Data Loss Prevention Included

In this age of mobility, employees using the Surface Pro and other mobile devices, corporate data will end up on those devices and not be protected in the same way as other corporate assets.  Triella has recognized this gap and filled it with an easy to install, no hassle system for protecting mobile and fixed computers.
Triella has just launched a new backup service that allows you to backup your computers – MacIntosh or PC – to a 100% Canadian Cloud Infrastructure.  This means that if you have knowledge workers with laptop computers, there is absolutely no reason not to back up those computers.  We call it Becon Backup Desktop™.
How does Becon Backup Desktop™ help your business?
Let’s say you have a laptop computer in your car and it gets stolen.   You can use Becon Backup Desktop™ to locate the area the computer is in as well as send a command to the computer to wipe all the data on the computer the next time it connects to the Internet.   It also means that you can purchase a new laptop (if the stolen one cannot be recovered) and restore the files from backup to return the machine to full operation quickly.
In another scenario, you have a number of desktop computers in the office that connect to your server.   One or more computers get infected with the Crypto style virus.   Again, you can wipe the computer and then restore the files from backup to get the computer going again.
Or, you are a School that offers computers to all your students and faculty.   You want to be sure that all the files on the system are protected against loss.  The backup system will do that for you by automatically backing up each computer behind the scenes.   Users will not cancel or interfere with the backup because it runs in the background.  IT can ensure that the School’s assets are protected in a timely fashion and the users can ensure that they have a backup copy of all their data.
Or, you are a small business backing up to USB drives.   You can discontinue that backup and move to Becon Backup Desktop™ for a more effective backup strategy.
The backup system runs whenever the computer is connected to the Internet – whether on a domain in the office or outside the office connected to the Internet.
What is Data Loss Prevention?
DLP is technology that allows for a minimum amount of time between the creation of the data and the backup of that data.  In essence, it minimizes the loss of data from all reasons, theft, data destruction or data corruption.  The backup senses how frequently you change data on the computer and adjusts the backup cycle accordingly.   In addition, if a backup has not occurred in 4 days, an email alert will be sent to the designated person.
How much data can I back up?
There is no preset limit for the backup for each computer.   All data is compressed and dedeplicated as it is backed up.
Can I specify what should be backed up?
Yes, Becon Backup Desktop™ allows you to specify the files and folders to be backed up.
What is the cost?
The cost is $5/month/computer.  The software is easily installed by the purchaser however if assistance is needed, our consultants can help.
Want to install Becon Backup Desktop™ for your business?
Protect your computer systems today with a quick software installation.  Just set it and forget it and your system will be protected from data loss – every day and without manual intervention.
Note:  This backup system is for businesses only and is not intended for consumer use.
Charles Bennett is the Principal Consultant at Triella, a technology consulting company specializing in providing technology assessments, consulting, maintenance services and CIO-related services to small and medium sized firms. Charles can be reached at 647.426.1004. For additional articles, please visit Triella is a Citrix Partner, VMware Partner, Microsoft Small Business Specialist, Microsoft Silver Partner, Dell Preferred Partner, BlackBerry Alliance Partner and Authorized Worldox Reseller.
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