Recovery: The Key to Survival as a Small or Mid-Sized Business

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A backup system must incorporate many factors to protect your business
When we talk about backup, we mean recovery.   Recovery from any calamity is important be it from a ransomware or physical hardware failure.
Other types of disasters that can occur include:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Malicious deletion of files
  • Ransomware infections
  • Hardware failure
  • Building inaccessibility
  • Ice storms
  • Power Outages

The list goes on.  One of the biggest threats to small and medium sized businesses today is ransomware.   It can come through email – have you ever received a message indicating that your email is full and you can just “click here” to fix it?  Or a UPS package that has been delayed so “click here” to find out the status?  Or a message asking you to contribute to Hurricane relief efforts by “clicking here”?   That’s the key, the sender is trying you get you to click on a link to start the infection process.
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It can come from an infected website.   You could click on an ad for a deal that you just have to investigate or it could be an entire site that is infected.

What are the Stats on Ransomware?

  • 6 out 10 small businesses have been attacked by ransomware in the first half of 2017
  • 26% of those who pay the ransom will be attacked again for another ransom
  • 35% of the firms infected paid the ransom. Of those 15% never got their data backup
  • 33% of the ransomware also encrypted the backups making them unrecoverable
  • Mac OS X attacks are increasing. 3% of Macs were attacked this year
  • Cloud applications are facilitating ransomware infections:
    • 76% from Dropbox
    • 32% from Office 365
    • 21% from Google Suite
    • 5% from box
  • The average ransom is between $500 to $2000.

One attack can easily erase any profit a company makes in a single year.  Protecting your data is paramount!
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What are the Characteristics of a Good Backup System?

Your backup system should:

1. Have backups that are isolated so that if ransomware attacks, it cannot see or attack the backup.

2. Set up backups that are frequent enough that it will minimize data loss in the event of an infection. The frequency should depend on the importance of the data and the frequency of change for that data.

3. Have a backup system that is able to recover a single file, multiple files or an entire drive.

4. Have a backup that is both on site for quick recoveries and off site for recoveries that might be needed because the building or server room is impacted.

5. Have a backup that allows you to replace your system with servers in the Cloud that will run your applications and data.

6. Have a backup that will run your applications and data locally to reduce downtime during production hours so that you can delay the recovery to off hours while not impacting the business.

7. Have a backup system that can recover a single mailbox or message from Exchange email or the entire mail system. Surprisingly, ransomware is not yet attacking email but it is only a matter of time before that happens.

8. Have a backup that does not slow down your system while the backup is taking place.

If your firm’s backup cannot do all of these things then you have a hole in your protection system and should consider upgrading your backup system.
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Triella specializes in implementing backup and recovery system to protect firms against any issue.  We have completed numerous successful recoveries from hardware issues, ransomware and human error, all with minimal downtime relative to the data being recovered.   For bigger businesses with more data, we have 10Gbps interfaces that will move data in a fraction of the time than a conventional 1Gbps interface takes, reducing down time and increasing recovery time.
Proactively managing your backup protects you from ransomware while starving the ransomware writers of the dollars that keep them in operation.
Call us at 647.426.1004 x227 to learn more or see a demonstration of our recovery system in action.
Charles Bennett is the Principal Consultant of Triella, a technology consulting company specializing in providing technology assessments, consulting, maintenance services and CIO-related services to small and medium sized firms. Charles can be reached at or 647.426.1004 x 222. For additional articles, please visit Triella is a BlackBerry Alliance Partner and Authorized Worldox Reseller.
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