Tech the Halls: 12 Days of Christmas – Day #3: Sphero Mini

11-15-2017 11-04-02 AM
This small robot is both cute and powerful.
The size of a ping pong ball, Sphero’s latest robotic device and accompanying smartphone app promises to be a favourite this holiday season.
Like all Sphero devices, the Sphero Mini allows users to drive it around, program it to do certain movements and tricks, and play games with it through the Sphero Mini app.
Facial recognition is also part of the Sphero Mini.  When in Face Drive mode, the device uses facial recognition software to scan a user’s face allowing it to identify basic emotions which are used as directives (i.e. if a user is smiling, Sphero Mini will roll forward).
Due to its small size, Sphero Mini is also equipped for a variety of bowling-type games. Each device comes with mini rubber pins and cones to set up a makeshift bowling alley. Using the smartphone app and “Slingshot” mode on the device, users can control their Sphero to send it bowling towards the pins.
Since this device is primarily aimed for kids, there is an education component along with the fun.  In order to get kids and their parents excited about robotics and coding, the Sphero Mini is compatible with the Sphero EDU app that allows kids to experiment with coding with the ultimate goal of designing a piece of code that they can use on their Sphero device.
With a variety of swappable outer shells, and a battery life of 45 minutes to an hour, the Sphero Mini is a great toy for both parents and kids this holiday season.
It is currently available at Best Buy for $69.99 CDN.
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